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How Do I Connect To Ezb Using Usb

I have 3 ezb boards in my robot. I would like to connect to 1 of them to my laptop and EZB builder using USB. Is there a tutorial for video somewhere on this forum showing how to use USB instead of Bluetooth?


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I just completed mine and got it working this morning. I followed Nieks video ... I was having a little trouble once in awhile losing the connection and since the motherboard is in the robot thought it better that way. It only cost me $3.45 to do it and very glad I did. Here is the one I used ... The only bad thing is the cables. It comes with a double female and we need a male to female but I already had some so no biggie for me.

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I've not done it nor seen anything on USB specifically but I would assume you're looking for a TTL UART USB module. Replace the bluetooth one with the USB one and plug in.

Something like this or this one


I'm on a break at work and just poped in to see some quick replys and great answers. Thanks everyone! Some real good ideas. Neik, your work and easy to understand videos really humble me. Very well done and have helped me to understand what and how I need to do. I now remember watching your video and being impressed then.

I was hopeing to just be able to plug into the EZB somewhere but see it wont be that simple. Where would have been the adventure in that anyway.;) Mainly I was just in a hurry and want to give something a try.

Thanks again for all the guidance. Herr Ball; I cant seem to get your ebay link to work. Like I said above I'd like to get something quickly and looking for a seller that can ship within a few days. I know Sparkfun is quick.


ANY TTL TO USB adapter will work,i have ones from china that works fine on mine only 3 pins is needed ,

It works same if using bluetooth or XBEE or WIFI all hook up the same,just needs a TTL I/O for communcation to UART in the microprocessor.

Just make shore you set the voltage right if using xbee or WIFI


I am hoping that the ttl usb board that comes with the elechouse wifi for programming the wifi can also be used for usb.

I want one of my ez-b boards to be connected directly to the computer (but bluetooth will be ok id not) and the other to use wifi.


Yes, the USB to TTL adapter that comes with the WiFi module will work with the EZ-B.


Any usb to ttl adpter will work and any manufacture ,just install the drivers and set baud rate and port setting in ARC

I bought over 30 for my roomba projects i sell and all work perfect


Well, thanks for all the insight. I went ahead and ordered the Sparkfun FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V TTL to USB adaptor pointed to above by Niek. Sounds like this will work just fine.



Does the Sparkfun FTDI Breakout board use this cable? I can not be sure if it is a mini-B or what.

USB cable

Thanks, Rex