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How Connect H Bridge (Big)


I would like to use 2 motors windscreen wiper. Amp of these motors is important, i bouhgt this H bridge :

H bridge BTS7960B

My questions are :
- how to connect this H bridge on my EZ Board ?
- what's R_IS and L_IS ?
- what's R_EN and L_EN ?

And on EZ Builder, which control can I use ?

Thanks for your answers.



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United Kingdom
I assume signal wires from 4 different Digital ports to each of the R_IS, L_IS, R_EN and L_EN. You can use 1 or 2 signal wires for PWM depending on if you want different speeds at different times.

Not quite sure what they do, sometimes you have a direction selector which could be the R_IS and L_IS, so high on R_IS and high on R_EN makes the one motor spin in one direction, low on R_IS and high on R_EN spins the other way.


High on R_IS spins one way, High on R_EN spins the other.

Ask the seller for the instructions and wiring information to be sure.
Another tip: After you have EZB attached, do not attach your two output wires to your DC motors yet. Use a Digital Tester on the connection terminal blocks to see if your getting the proper voltages you are expecting. Forward and reverse.

I don't understand this H Bridge.
I tried with 4 wires
- VCC / +5v
- and each out (R_IS, L_IS, R_EN, L_EN, RPWM, LPWM)
and it's didn' work.

I hadn't signal out. *confused*

I found this documentation, but it's chinese for me *stress*
There is PDF and scripts.

What do you think about it ?

Thank you.

United Kingdom
I don't understand how you have tried with 4 wires, how were they connected? What controls did you add or what script commands did you run?

Chances are you will need to apply a digital high to more than one pin for it to work.

You will probably find that without English documents nobody on here will be able to help you.

If you are willing to risk damaging the H-Bridge and possibly the EZ-B (I make no guarantees this is safe) you could try this.

Connect R_IS to the Signal of D19
Connect L_IS to the Signal of D18
Connect R_EN to the Signal of D17
Connect L_EN to the Signal of D16

Now add 4 Digital Toggle controls, set them to D19, D18, D17 and D16

See what happens when you turn on D19. What happens when you turn on D18. D17. D16... Then combinations of both.
You may also need to apply a Signal wire to RPWM and LPWM. If you aren't fussed about individual speeds you can connect one signal to both pins. Then add a PWM control for the Pin(s) and move the slider to 100%.

If you don't want to risk your EZ-B you could simulate digital highs and PWM100% with 5v to the pins mentioned above.

In all cases you will also need to provide the H-Bridge a common Ground, an external Vcc for the motors and probably a 5V to the H-bridge.

But really, never buy a product that has no English (or whatever language you understand) data sheet.
I hope this help, try to make it as clear as possible and easy to follow. I use port D8, D9, D10, D11, D12 simply because they were easy to draw. feel free to adjust it to your personal needs. After some mild research I doubt this H-bridge can produce enough current to properly push your windshield wipers motors. D9, D10, D11, D12 can adjust via software to make it turn left and right properly. this concept should work.

black ground D8
red 5V D8
yellow (combine RPWM & LPWM) into one wire) D8
Green A L_is d9
Green B L_en D10
Orange A R_is D11
Orange B R_En D12

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
User-inserted image

Don't know why I'm looking at this anyway here is the circuit diagram you need a common ground as Rich said between the EZ-B and the H Bridge. Do you really need a 43 amp controller for a wiper motor? as your diagram shows you'll need 2 controllers for 2 motors a L298N controller might be a simpler setup.
Wiper motors can draw a good 5 amps so l298n may not be a fit. Maybe a 2 x 5 but a sabertooth 2 x12 would be spot on. On this h bridge you have been using its instructions claim you only need 4 wires. 5v enable, ground, pwm1 , pwm2 then the supply voltage pos and ground as well. The problem with some no name equipment is getting it ton work and help to get it working.
I was able to look into the data sheet, it is very similar to the l298n. The instruction saying only 4 wires needed is misleading to a beginner. I went and purchase it, due to curiosity, connected as my diagram in the previous post and it work just fine. You can save youself a port by combining pwm1 and pwm2 into one wire ( 2 inputs, 1 output).

As @jstarne1 mention, when buying hardwares, it's best to purchase the one recommended in the tutorials, easier to use, well common among the community, already been tested, and we can help you.
United Kingdom
PJ, I think your post was pretty much the same as mine but with different port numbers used, is that right? I just like to know if I figure things out correctly or not:)
Yes @rich your post was right on the money, I only did the graphical image so he can see it better, only the port were different. And I even purchase it just to see if I was right, and everything went smoothly. The diagram he posted seem a bit peculiar to me, doesn't make sense.
As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to gather as much H-bridges as I can and do a google sketchup image with them (tutorial) . I notice after Scripting H-bridge seem to be the most ask question.
@jstarne1 Sabertooth is the best route to go, L298n on the budget side.......I learned when dealing with robotic, Don't be cheap, otherwise you will pay for it later .

Yes the schema is mine (sorry, I didn't say it !). It's work.

I tried pj's and rich's mounting, but it didn't work for my part. I searched a lot, and I do not know my mistake.

I am a beginner, and it is true that I should limit myself to tutorials EZ, I begin to understand.

Thanks for you help.
As long as it work, all that matter