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Asked — Edited

How Close To Revolution?

Dj, how close are we to Release 6/2/13? everyone is excited for the new release, and for the people who weren't following the other topics, when will it happen?

Today? tomorrow? approx. time? No pressure, just really like the 3d designing ability to come.

I've been refreshing the website every now and then just to see if an update will be there. Who knows.... but I do know that when working on an engineering project like this, getting an accurate time of release might be hard for DJ because it is really hard to predict how long it will take to overcome the remaining problems.

I am wondering what kind of robots we can print with just the servos from the kit. I have 2 more coming but they won't be here till Wednesday.
I know! to bad I don't have a 3d printer..... good stuff for designing with! Picturing a rad in the 3d imager right now.
haha thats crazy we can see DJ there working on his laptop.
poor guy seem to be the only one at work, take a break DJ, we can wait a little longer.
He said worst case scenario is tomorrow, but he's planning the release this evening.