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How Can You Lock The Position Of The Control Boxes In A Project ?

Is it possible to lock in the position of the control boxes in a project ?


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It seems it isn't *confused*
No kidding - These windows drive me nuts...you can't lock them or adjust their size and if you close them you loose their control in the project. There must be a better way.... *stress* *stress* *sleep*
HaZbot, the X button in windows closes the window. For example, if you wish to close Internet explorer, you can either use the File->Exit option, or press the X in the top right corner. The same rules apply to all software that runs within the windows operating system.

Also, all windows within the windows operating system can be moved around the screen. Press and click and hold the mouse button in the title bar. You may now move the window around the screen.

There is no such thing within windows to "lock a window position".

If there were more requests for that feature, Microsoft may implement it in the future. Personally I wouldn't see the benefit.
Oh sorry, ha ha , let me explain it a bit better. On windows you have the option to lock icons, widjets etc on your desk top so that you don't accidentally grab them or move them from a good spot in your working environment. They also have the feature where you can change the size of any of the windows on your workspace on your desktop. I've used windows since they invented it - and thoroughly enjoy it.

It would be nice to have a similar features in EB. I'm not sure why you haven't included them

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Microsoft windows does not have a feature to lock windows into place. It's not a windows native GUI feature. Desktop gadgets and icons are not windows. You can recognize a window by its square shape and framed border. The window has a title bar and contains controls - such as buttons and sliders, etc.
Ok, but MS Windows working frames do have minimize ,restore and they are re sizable. You have frame size adjust in your Camera and Notes controls, thats great. These features would have been very helpful in all of your controls in the EB because your control frames quickly gobble the workspace. I don't know about you or other people using this system but when I'm building projects I'm pushed for space and often move the frames around when adding controls or script, commands etc. In the process, at times I either accidental move or close a frame. Once it's closed can you get it back ? You have the minimize, maximize, resize tabs on your frames but they don't work - it's like working with a sawn off version of windows. The auto scroll feature is nice but my workspace is getting bigger than Texas - I'm scrolling around deep and wide to keep track of what I've got happening in the project. Please take this as constructive feedback. If everyone just sat on their hands and pat you on the back you will not improve ER to the level it needs to thrive. As a customer that has invested over $500 Australian in you I have a responsibility to help develop and improve my investment. It's not a lot of cash but it's a lot of time. Many of us are new to this game and will work through improvement with you. These are not huge things on their own but a lot of time can go into a project and these features would be very helpful on the platform you have chosen to adopt.


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this is actually still an issue.
i like to organize my windows. i can move them. but they will be reorganized when EZ is restarted.

i have to reposition the windows every day. its a real pain in the happy dancing hugaroos
@scanlight, Read this Thread
and see if it solves your problem

there is an option to use the smart arrange in the control.double click,
and then save it to your pc and in the cloud.then the windows stay in place.

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