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How Can Robot Speak Day Of The Week?

D.J. When you make that Video, can you throw in

Day.of.Week Example also?



P.S. I have one already made on the cloud. But, it has a few flaws.

perhaps you can advise.

Thanks Again


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Here is an Example Project file for speaking the day fo the week: Example-Script-CDayoftheweek.EZB

Here is your C# Scipting Control code for speaking the day of the week:


using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using EZ_B;

namespace VName {

public class VClass {

public void Main(EZB ezb0, EZB ezb1, EZB ezb2, EZB ezb3, EZB ezb4) {

ezb0.SpeechSynth.Say("Today is " + DateTime.Now.ToString("dddd"));