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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

How Can I Get The Sum Of An Array At Once?

Is it possible to get the sum of all the values in an array beside using a simple addition, index entry after index entry?

Thank you.

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definearray($myArray, 5)

$myArray[0] = 10
$myArray[1] = 5
$myArray[2] = 2
$myArray[3] = 3
$myArray[4] = 5

$total = 0

repeat($position, 0, getarraysize("$myArray") - 1, 1)

$total = $total + $myArray[$position]


print("The total is " + $total)
Thank you!
Now I'm looking forward to get the smallest value of an array... sort() doesn't seem to provide with this value while I thought it would by "magically" making the first index to bear the smallest value...
It sure does - here...


definearray($test, 3)

$test[0] = 1
$test[1] = 3
$test[2] = 5

sort($test, descending)


Now the $test[0] will be the value 5

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Yes it does work this way indeed... I don't know what happened, for a moment it didn't or it seemed that it didn't so I constructed another one of my spaghetti codes using simple sort(value1, value2) then sort() of sort(), of sort()... lol... to eventually realize that I had done it this way already... a couple weeks ago...:D

Sometimes i forget to hit the REFRESH button when viewing the Variable Tab editing scripts. That's caught me a few times, maybe that's what happened:D
Likely cause! Totally rings a bell!