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Hovis Eco Plus 4Sale

Would anyone be interested in a brand new Eco Plus? Just arrived today but I have the ability of getting a different robot that doesn't come available for sale too often and I won't end up using the Eco then. This is not assembled. The head though is.
Asking exactly what I paid which is 899.99 plus 25.00 for shipping in the states. Again this is the plus model that was just released. Is is the first one shipped to the states as far as I know. Email me or respond here.

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It's a shame you're selling... You were so excited to get it...


What robot are you going to get instead? I'm intrigued as to what you found this time. :D


It is something big... Can't say till it goes through though.
I don't need to sell this one. But if I can make the other deal happen then I don't have much need for the Eco.
The eco has a ton of potential for sure and is a great looking bot. One of the absolute best I have seen in the hobby robot segment. And it is killing me to not open it and start assembling it.


I like the fact it can pick itself up when it falls over. I just find that cool for some reason.
There is a video on you tube by an owner of it walking which is better than dongbus video.
Also it now has the gyro as standard which will help also.


sorry to hear you re selling.avery robot can learn you alot. and you can loose money. does the program is in englich?from hovis.


Yes it is English. They have the Korean ones online.
Trust me, if the new robot deal goes through it wil be worth selling this one


i jusy contact a friend off mine who's looking for a hovis.i gave him your e-mail adres. lets hopes he contact you.thumbs up


Ok I can now state this since the deal has gone through.
I am getting the latest generation NAO from a developer who didn't want it anymore. It is in great shape and was overall a fair deal for something that isn't publically sold.
For the time I am focussed on this so no ez robot for me for now. But I can't see why I won't be back at some point.


wwwwwhhhhhhhhhaaaatttttttt thats great .