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Hovis Eco And Ezb

Can the Hovis Eco be made to work with the EZB? I have been looking at this bot for a while and am really close to getting it but I want to be able to intregrate the ezb with it for personality and a little better servo control.


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If it uses serial or digital servos, then yes. You might want to check if each servo has a seprate wire or not.
It looks like it is a serial servo.
Now I am waiting to find out if it is last years model or this years model shipping and I am ordering it.
FYI the servo it uses is the HerkuleX DRS 0101 if you want to check to make sure I am looking at the right thing.
this is interesting.i though all servo's where digital. *blush*
United Kingdom
Looking at the user guide for the DRS 0101 it uses serial for control and requires Rx and Tx, which immediately means that it will require the V4 EZ-B since the V3 doesn't have the ability to receive serial, only send it.

I only had a quick look over the user guide but it looks like it probably can be controlled by the EZ-B V4. Double check the communication protocol it requires and that of which the EZ-B V4 has.
Either way I ordered my Eco today. I really am a fan of how it looks. It's walking is decent and it now comes with the gyro sensor.
I am ordering my ezbv4 in the next few days. I also want to get the camera depending on the eco's head size and if I can make it fit. Otherwise I may swap over to using the JD head on it. Won't know till it is here.
I am excited to be at the beginning of this project. The Eco is relatively new as is the ezbv4. As far as I know I will be the first putting the two together. There needs to be more videos of the ECO on YouTube anyway.
hi ing175.are the led for the eyes also allreddy included.
I am not 100 percent sure what I am getting. I am getting mine from eBay and they wrote me back and said it is the ECO plus model shipping as of January 1st. Which supposingly has the led eyes, touch sensor for the head, hand sensors as well as the gyro.
Even in Hovis's late 2013 catalog it only showed the plus model in it.
If for some reason it isn't what the seller says it is I will simply return it. But it is shipping from Korea so it is quite possibly being drop shipped. I can't imagine why they would still be shipping the original model at this point especially from their home country.
Also robotshop and road narrows are only offering the plus model now as well. Roadnarrows has yet to update their website to show the new model though.
the hand sensors ,is that the HRI pack ?
I don't believe so no. But I could be wrong. The eBay store ships really fast apparently even from overseas so hopefully I will know soon
great .hope you get him soon.love to see it you connect it to ez-b4
Me too. Been going back and forth on when I was going to get it. It is the most non mechanical looking robot I have seen in this price range.
yes he needs your help .but he tall i believe 42 cm.
Yes right around as tall as a Bioloid and slightly shorter than the DarwinOP.
I was really interested in the Genie but it was about double the price. And it is pretty advanced. Not sure an ezb would even be an advantage for it.
But since I couldn't find any videos of it in English and the higher cost I passed. Plus the eco gives you the option of upgrading down the road and make it a Genie if you want. Or the APP version of the eco.
I personally think it is a great base robot. Great price, good looks, upgradable. If it had speech right out of the box it would be pretty perfect for a hobby robot. And now confirmed I can ezb it. Which will give it the speech and voice control.
bioloid is 39 cm.but has no personality.no voice off any off that.+ sensors that dont work in task.
hovis is good choice.good finiched robot.do you have a link .
For the eBay listing or for their info?
I just got the back issues in of "Robot" for 2013. In the July/August and Sept/October issues specifically they assembled and made the Hovis Eco work. The didn't really review it but they said it is a great platform and is reliable. So that's good.
Here is the eBay link. I bought the unassembled version since building it I figured I would learn more about it but there is an assembled one available.
Yeah my local place was a little higher as well. And I would have to pay taxes as well as it would take longer to get.
eBay was the winner price wise this time.
do you have more robots ?
Just a robosapien. I had a v2 robosapien years ago. I also bought a wowwee Robome which i returned cause it worked horribly. I also had a Romo robot which I had "programmed" in less than two days so it went back as well. To do any real programming you need a "real" robot. So that's what I am focussed on now.
i have an robome too and v2.am hoping too to learn something.
and rs media online in skype
Rs media would have been cool for sure. I was not impressed with robome.
There new one now that seems cool but still a toy.
the MIP is smaller then my hand and cost 119 dollar.
the rsm is very cool whit skype.all you typ he says.
and i can move a rsm for ecample in california and wake my friend there.
Maybe after this project gets going I will have to pick one up
Fun fact: I sold a RS Media on eBay back when they were going for 700-800 dollars a pop. Best sale ever. (I made 500 dollars! :D)

P.S. I bought it for 300 so i sold it for 800, i made a 500 dollar profit
Ezb reordered! Waiting for the preorder will enable me to get used to my bot using the current programming.
Now just to get the camera hammered out
cupcakehat .super sale.
ings175 cool avatar
My Eco shipped yesterday. And they confirmed it is the Eco plus model. Big differences... Gyro added, hand sensors, emotion head which included LEDs for the eyes and also a touch sensor for the head.
So compared to other bots around the same price range the Hovis really has a ton of features. And the thing looks great! At least in my opinion.
Really looking forward to getting it here, built and figuring out how to integrate the ezb with it.
hovis is an excample for many robots.
great he's bin chipped.
Yeah I am not a fan of "naked" robots. I mean there should be some sense of the humanoid there even if there is only a decent torso and head.
It seems like the other bot company's just decided that aesthetics weren't important somewhere along the line.
I would have loved to have seen Sonys Qrio hit the market back in the day. The Darwin Mini looks promising. Depending on its specs that could be a great platform for an ezb.
But other than those along with JD there really hasn't been great looking robots in my opinion. Granted I am in the arts field so I tend to look at designs of things.
the darwin cost way too much and isn finiched on the backside legs.
the jd looks cute but there's room for improvement do.
the qurio is great robot.i have one as webcam.
You have a Qrio?
In regards to the Darwin they are coming out with a mini version that is supposed to retail for $500.00. It is half the size of the normal Darwin.
a qurio webcam yes.
yes a mini darwin whit parts from ollo.the color is not great.
User-inserted image
Ohhhh lol. I just watched a video on it this morning... What a great product. Does so much the NAO can do these days but ten years ago. Way to go Sony... Thumbs down
haha when its getting dark the eyes lid up.the nao comes out this year but only for austistic people.
what you think off manoi AT-01 silver colored
User-inserted image
I really like the Manoi. If it wasn't 3,000 dollars here in the states I would have got one.
I told my wife last night I am starting a savings fund for the Nao. When they were released to developers they were $4500. The US Nao distributor said they are also going to be released for retail. He didn't have a time frame as to when but said it was coming.
Only makes sense. They have been working on him since 2007 I believe. At some point a general release simply is good business.
And I will be right up front with money in hand.
I saw that. I got my tracking yesterday so it is on its way officially.
I actually can buy a NAO if I want. I found someone who has one they are selling but even used they are expensive. It is too bad because it is the latest model that they released. I would love to get it but as I confirmed yesterday they are going to have a public release quite possibly this year.
yes but only for austistic people.thats what denvelopers of aldebaran says.

awesome you get a hovis