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Hot Wheels Conversion

I thought it would be fine to convert my daughter's Hot Wheels into a huge RC car. How do I control the onboard electric engine that powers the car. I'm assuming H Bridge? How would that be wired up?


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HAHA! very very cool dad you are. I'd suggest a few things for this project:)

First, I'd put a ultrasonic ping sensor on the front. That will allow self navigation. You can use the Radar Control to have the hot wheels car to avoid obsticles. Then you can attach a servo to the ultrasonic ping sensor. That way it can sweep back and forth for a wider view range. I recommend the HC-SR04 (get frome bay for very cheap) sensor

As for the HBridge.... You'd need something pretty powerful. More powerful than a regular HBridge. I'd suggest relays + an HBridge. You could technically use switching transistors for the relays, but an HBridge is much cleaner and requires less soldering and circuitry.

I'd use an L298N Dual Channel HBridge to control 2 relays. The relays can control the polarity of the motor. You'd need a two position relay for that to work. You can find a cheap L298N Dual Channel HBridge here: Clickity Click
I personally use that hbridge in a few of my newer robots. One that will be published online shortly.

If you need helping sourcing the parts or anything, let me know in this thread:)

Also, I'd probably put a mini-itx computer in the trunk of that car. Then you could add a camera and a few other goodies, like speakers and voice recognition. If you use the HTTP Web Server control, you will be able to remote control the car with your phone also! That'd be super cool.

Or or or, if you had a camera on the front! You could have it set to follow a red ball. So you could lead your child through the park by having it follow the ball in your hand! Man that'd be cool
lol @DJ Sures,

Your talking like a kid in a toy storexD
lol i'm excited to see this!
Me too :D
There is a company called Robot Power that makes some trick stuff. I've had great experience with there motor controllers. They have a few that can handle high voltages and amps. http://www.robotpower.com/ just make sure your sitting down when you see the price.... Ron
LOL Yeah that's a pricey unit!!

I really think a cheap HBridge with relays will be the smartest option:)

If you'd like, I can draw up a quick schematic