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Hooking Up Electric Actuator To Servo Help???

I have a project im working on, i have electric wheel chair motors connected up through the sabertooth 2x25. im trying to add an electric actuator ( one off of electric wheel chair that tilts it back) my question is how do i connect it to a servo to make it remote operated. Thanks for your help!!


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Is the motor just a 12 volt gear driven or screw type ..... if so just use a double throw/double pole switch that the servo is hocked up to, that way you can have forward and reverse.

I have various chair motors and some of the ones that are used for tilting and such don't even need limiting switches they have some kind of slip clutch built in.

Here is a crude wiring diag for a switch. User-inserted image

Get a switch with a neutral position in the middle


Where can i get an H Bridge from? -Thanks for the replies


@jrick63 I'd use the BV4113 that is EZ-Robot Certified. The sparkfun TG is too much work :)


@jrick63, DJ is absolutly correct. Since I put in all the old ones in my robot I forgot there is a better and much easier one now available form EZ-B. I would go with the BV4113.



Another option is the qik. It is a dual serial motor controller from Pololu. I got one from Sparkfun. Works pretty good....easy to setup too. The one i have supports two motors. Probably similar to the BV4113



Alright guys i dont mean to waist your time, im new to this stuff and i am trying to teach myself so sorry if i seem to sound dumb. So basically for all these ideas i was given, do i still have to run a transmitter so my controller can read it and perform the task. If im going to be running my system off of two 12v batteries can i run the power to them or would i want to run a different power source to my actuators? here is a picture of what im working with! User-inserted image


everyone, be careful. if you are using an electric wheelchair, you may have 24 volt system. it may be 2 of the 12 volt batteries in series, which doubles the 12 volt. this will be too much voltage for the ez-b.