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Hooking A Camera To The Ez-B

For a long time I've been searching for a wireless camera (system) which I can connect to my pc and mount on my bot which has enough range (1km +). So far I haven't found one which I can use legally in my country without a permit. (max 10mw transmitting power)

And here comes the question: Is it possible to hook a camera to an EZ-b?

I know that the BT module doesn't have the speed to do that and it doesn't have the range (1km+) which I want. So thats why I'm using synapse moduls.

Any idea's?


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Why do you need that kind of range. You could consider have an onboard computer in your robot and give it a 3g or 4g cellular data connection with a usb data stick. Synapse modules will not transmit video and the ranges they claim are always line of sight in perfect conditions , plan for only a third what is advertised.


You cannot connect a camera to the EZ-B as there is not enough bandwidth in the communication channel. Josh has a great idea with an onboard computer. Using a Mini ITX (very affordable), you can give your robot the autonomous ability it would need for +1km range.

Here is a link:



Thanks for the idea's. I was aiming for the 1km so I can get like 300m or somthing through walls and stuffs. I sort of figured that further than that wouldn't be affordable or available for the regular person. Next to that I unfortunatly dont have the space nor the carrying capacity for a pc, maybe a rasberry pi or if I completly redesign my robot an e-box or somthing simular(fitpc2, etc.).

I thought if it was possible that it would save a lot of weight, space, time, (money). I got the idea from crazyflie, their home page (I've been following these guys for the last 2 years). Thought if they could fit a camera in that thing maybe there is another way.

Maybe I'll build something, I'll go think about it some more.

edit: dont know btw if the video was live or just recorded


What kind of robot are you trying to build?


I'm only working on my rooster project and its getting pretty heavy. It's about 5kg or more and might be able to add about 1kg and after that I have to rebuild the body. Or redesign the suspension. Next to that I have spent way too much on it already and I don't want to make it much more. I started my robot project so I could do "experiments" with stuff I've build and because I can. And once I've perfected my rocket engine I might send it to space but that will take some more years. I dream big and try to achieve it. Some times I do somthimes I dont. This one I will:P.

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My camera worked fine during face tracking which was my first attempt with the Ez-b. But then the video image started to fade... I looked at the blue on/off indication and noticed the blue led not emitting 100 percent. So I thought the battery charge of the camera was initially not good enough and charged the camera again by plugging into usb. It charged then fully again. The blue on/off led emits up properly but now I cant get the camera to switch on or off. It is on all the time and the push button seems to have no influence at all during the 5 seconds and 2 seconds on/off procedure. Also I am not getting a video image like the first attempt. So I thought to pair the camera according to tutorials to the point. The leds on the wi fi dongle reacts exactly to the pairing procedure, but during the on/off button pushes nothings happens with the camera. It stays on, and no video image. Any idea for me? Thank you


Off is 5 seconds. On is 2 seconds.

If it doesn't respond, sometimes a dead battery confuses the processor. The way to resolve it is leave the camera on for a day until its totally very dead. Then charge the battery and it'll start working:)

Never repair a camera if it was working. You may have broke the pairing and may need to pair again. The only way to tell is to kills the batter and then recharge it.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. This is exactly what I am doing now. It is taking charge again without the on/off indication led. I will keep you posted.

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Perfect! We are again! Nice:)