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Hitec 5995Tg Digital Vs Power Hd 1501Mg Analog

Though the hitec is stinger and smoother simply because it is digital I noticed.some.issues.of consistency so I directly compared consistency between.servos



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first i see it very jumpy on HD servo compare to HITEC
second is that it half the rated torque of the HITEC
second i see that digital are programable where alogs are not
i have a very good servo tester rated for one best on the market ,when i get a chance will do the test
since the servo tester you are using uses just a cheap timer design,if you open it up will be 4 times,a 555 timer design uses 2 timer chips per channel and does not have high accuracy
but still a fair good test
one day i may buy another video camera,sold mine about 4 years ago,some hd digital by sony,since i havent used them for awhile
only thing i did keep is my pro camera equipment ,(i love my digital rebel ,it can change any lens)
plus my underwater camera take scuba diving