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High Capacity 12V Battery?

Hey Community.

For those of you who don't know, I was originally attempting to make a Minecraft Creeper robot that drives around. It fell through, and I decided, I would try to make the first idea, which was an omnibot jumbo version.

Link to that:
Alex Omnibot Twin

But, to power it I have 2 1.2Amp(stalled) geared motors which are incredibly strong(can't stop by hand without them secured to something) that run at 12v. I was looking at this battery:12v 9800mah li-ion But I'm not sure if it is trust worthy. Ebay has been on fire with this battery brand and this add is selling them quick. So, I thought it might be worth looking into.

But, I want your opinion. Does it look good? Do you have a better or equal battery+charger that I should look at?Let me know!

Thanks for any help!


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That's a good LI-ion pack and charger combo at a good price. You might ask them if the internal PCB provides cell balancing though. Some of the lower priced LI-ion packs don't have that ability and that will lead to a shorter life cycle of the battery pack.
I saw those on ebay too... They are advertised to have a high capacity, but I would worry about their "C" discharge rate. I don't imagine it would be that high judging by the connector used on the battery.... But if all you require is around 2 or so amps then you will probably be ok....
I don't usually pull over 2 unless I have a lot of servo's doing something.

I think I will bite the bullet and buy this one.

In the meanwile, Watch the Alex thread, as I will start posting new designs.