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Hexy: Hexapoda Kick Starter

Hey ez-b friends,

I just came across this hexapod article and I thought it would be pretty awesome. I may end up backing it for the $80 and get the frame so I can use my own servos and the EZ-B as its a much more powerful platform. How sweet would that be?! Camera is a must have!

Just thought I'd share:)

Hexy the Hexapod kit


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That's fantastic! hopefully he makes the design files open for people then we can print them on a laser cutter. That's all those peices appear to be. I would like to make that EZ-B compatible - that would help his platform!
You're absolutely right!

They actually are laser-cut and according to the video, he briefly mentions that the design is completely open and will be available for the parts. Here's hoping!