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Hexapod Dome

Hey @DJSures

Have started a robotics club at my school with 10 big eyed students and those 5 EZ-B's I purchased last year...

We've started hacks to the Robosapien, a RC Jeap and a number of Cybots... they have sure come in handy... Pole position however goes to Red Six, your hexapod printed on our Makerbot Replicator Dual 3D printer using bright red ABS.

A Local paper got whif and came to interview the students us today, photo to come, about our having a 3D printer in the classroom (Your beloved Makerbot Replicator Dual)...

I made sure Red Six was in the shot with two EZ-B kit boxes beside it.... lol

Anyway... the students, and their teacher of course, were wondering where we could get the camera support dome seen in the online video?



Spreading the word is soooo much fun!


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Is it not in the ez bits library? Update your library


@tameion - If you go to 'Design' then select 'Miscellaneous' in the parts menu, the EZ-Shroud should be there. Then click on EZ-Shrouds little Info button. (Blue circle with the white " i " inside of it) The info window will pop up and the Shell.stl should be there for download. I personally took all/most of the .stl files and added them as my own bits just to have all of the little pieces to play with. I'm still only dreaming of a 3d printer:( Congratulations on your class getting so much attention.

New Zealand

Thanks guys for the assist but the library is up to date with all 18 bits

To clarify I am referring to the dome on the Hexapod video... not the shroud for the camera. (


Do I download them elsewhere? I have checked every model and "i" balled every instruction icon for the EZ-Shroud....



Ahh, my mistake. I do not see the dome anywhere either.


We will have the dome up and the new v2 body's shortly.. We're working out a few kinks before we make them publically available.

PS, very huge thank you for the exposure! That means a lot to me :D


@dj yea hopefully the dome piece will be in soon I'm getting aameralis to print out Six in red pla this weekend.


This post is worthless without pictures!