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Here Is Something I Would Like To See

I would like to see my robot, when it is not busy, and maybe overnight , to hook up automatically to the Internet and start downloading information that it will put into it's database. I think some people are already doing this. But, I would like to know HOW.

I would also like for the EZB to have a Wikibot program module. That would be GREAT!

Tell me your thoughts on these subjects. I know, I am a Dreamer. But, I believe ALL things are possible if your do it the right way.



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The way that I have designed this is more on the computer side, outside of ez-robot. I go gather RSS feeds on a nightly basis from an executable that I wrote in C#. It parses the RSS feeds and then stores this information in text files in a particular directory on my computer. When I tell the robot to go read the weather forecast for example, ARCs script opens the file and reads it into a variable. It then reads the variable to me.

I am sure that others out there have other ways of doing this. This is just what was convenient for me as I know C# pretty well. The next step for this would be to bypass the text file and load it into the variable in ARC so it is ready whenever I ask the robot to read me BLAH...

This could be done for things other than RSS feeds, but currently that is all I have this running for.


@DC , that is Wonderful. Hope you will share it with us at some point. That is sort of what I was wanting. My main problem has been the Parsing. It is difficult to get all of those character strings out of the document. At least for me it is.