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Help With Voice Recognition

See attached screen shot. Don't know what I am doing wrong. Do I need to fill in the script for any command, enable cmd, or disable cmd?

I can't get it to recognize anything. Is there a training required or does something need to enabled in windows 7?

I can see that the microphone is configured and detecting sounds of the my voice.



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HI mstephens_42

go to tutorials page , step 11 , follow DJ's video , worked for me.

Hope you get it working.


PS can't see your screen shot ??


I think that you might need to fill in the enable and disable commands. I've noticed that these enable and disable commands won't work unless you have defined other vocal commands. So its possible that it wont work the other way round either, general commands may not function without the disable and enable commands either. Just try it out.



I have done the tutorial and it did not work. Regarding the enable and disable, I wish DJ would document his software. At a loss.


i had the same problem..... I am not sure if is only for me... but in the first time that I used ARC... I had to speak many times the same command... and then I can use the speak recognition with out problems..!:) maybe you should use another microphone.... or regulate the levels of the microphone in Windows... or try in another computer!!

Good Luck!


I eventually reinstalled easy builder and now it works!


When I first installed EZB on my desktop, I was recognized 100% Every single thing I said. It was nice. There was NO training or nothing.

Next, After I designed the program and moved it over to my notebook which is on the robot, It did not recognize ANYTHING. When I tried to do adjustments, It started giving me feedback from the microphone. I have spent the last two days adjusting and it is upto about 80%.

I switched the microphone on my desktop and notebook. I could not get very good results on the notebook microphone on the desktop. So, I said to myself, it's the microphone.

I am using a usb powered mic that is certified for Skype. The same identical mic works GREAT on my Leaf robot. 100%

So, now, I have adjusted the mic on my desktop that I put from the notebook and it is working 100%. But, the robot unfortunately is only about 80%.

This has nothing to do with D.J. It is the stupid adjustments in windows7 and the particular hardware on the Acer.

When i built the Leaf computer, I looked around for the most expensive mic I could find that would have the highest quality and ratings. It was a big mistake and it did not work well at all. I asked on the group website, and they told me that the cheapest mic was the best for this project. I said OK!" and went to Walmart and bought a mic for 9.99. It worked great.

I am sure that I will eventually get the problem solved. But, I don't know how many days it will take me.

Good Luck on your projects.

P.S. I see no attached screenshot. Mel