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Help With Tcp Direct Connection And Hexadecimal Values

Hi, I'm new to this forum. I am amazed as how easy is to create a robot using EZ-Robot and how helpful this community is. I have been writing a NodeJS program to communicate directly to a Revolution Six Robot and I have successfully connected to it and have been able to send commands to move all the servos. I don't want to use ARC (great program by the way) because I'm planning to use a Raspberry Pi and I really like NodeJS.

I figured out by using Wireshark, ARC and researching in this forum that the equivalent of moving a servo using servo(d0, 90) is to create a TCP packet with the hex values of 0xAC for D0 and 0x5A for 90. I want to know if someone has already reverse engineered all the hex values needed to fully control a EZ-b4 robot or if there is some documentation where I can see the hex values or the raw TCP packets. I have already looked into the NodeJS library for EZ-Robot, EZ-OpenBot and into UniversalBot without any success.

Another thing that I recently figured out is that if I want to change the speed of a servo, lets say, D0 to 1, I must send 0x27 instead of 0xAC and the speed in a single packet.



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Take a look at universalBot, the source code is published for the communication protocol:)


Thanks DJ for the quick response, I will take a deeper look at UniversalBot.


The source code form UniversalBot has helped me a lot! thanks DJ:D

But now I have a problem with one servo, sometimes it starts to jitter when it gets into a still position and gets really hot while the other servos stay at a regular temperature. I also noticed that if I turn off the Robot and move the servo it doesn't move smoothly like the others. What should I do with the servo?

At first I thought it was my code but the same happens with ARC.


Sounds like a faulty servo:) if it's an ezrobot servo, then Contact Us and reference the url to this thread as a warranty claim.


Help! I don't know what thread to ask these questions on. I have a hexapod that I can't get to work. A mutual friend of EZrobot took a look at it. He said that when it was put together the wires on the back were not connected correctly. A couple of them were backwards, meaning black to white instead of black to black. Would this have over drained the battery? The battery doesn't look enlarged, but this is the only thing we could come up with. My boss has tasked me with putting this together and getting it running. I'm afraid I'm going to be losing more than sleep, as in my job if I can't get this thing working soon! THANKS in advance for any support you can give.



You should start your own thread rather than posting in a totally unrelated one.

Start with the tutorials on SIX and let us know specifically where it is failing. Does the EZ-B speak and chime when powered on, are you able to connect your computer, once your computer is connected, can you connect ARC to it?

The backwards wired servos could potentially have damaged the servos, but unlikely to have damaged the EZ-B controller. You may however have blown the fuse if the EZ-B won't even power on. See this lesson for instructions on changing the fuse:



Thank you @DJ-Sures


@alan I'm sorry. I'm just not at all techie. I bet you figured that out when I asked about the wires. My job is requiring me to use this. I'm sure it will be great once I get it going. I'm not connecting it to a computer. We have a demo app. I just can't get it to turn on. I want a magic answer because I'm losing sleep and literally in tears over this. Again, Sorry


@Beth, If it isn't turning on, it is probably the fuse, or it is just broken (occasionally one ships bad, such is life with electronics. I used to be part of a group that market tested Cell Phones for Verizon. 45 people, and every time we got a phone one or two of them would fail out of the box) One of the tutorials in the link I gave you is for troubleshooting and checking the fuse.

Where are you located? If you are anywhere in the Norva/DC/Baltimore area I can drive out after work tomorrow and help. Otherwise I might be able to help by phone or skype. My email is in my profile (click on my name).



That was me Beth! Im sorry I wasnt able to quickly resolve the issue for you.