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Help With Lcd Display Scripts

I would be grateful for some help with a couple of scripts. It is for a LCD05 16x2 display connected to i2c and can display text no problem, but I want to be able to display the live time and date but got no idea of how to write the scripts, although I have tried and failed. I did ask something similar in another post regarding voltage, but didn't manage to get that work either. Here's the main code for the display...

i2cwrite(0,0xc6,0,1,4,12,19,30,230,31,255,"Text is displayed here")

Ive tried numinous ways of scripting it to show the info with time, date, and voltage vairables, but it either shows the variable code ("$x" ), or a blank screen (without quote marks).

I very rarely ask for a full script to be written for me, just examples, as I like to work it out for myself, but I'm really stuck on this and have no idea what to do. So if somebody would oblige, even with one full example, I would very much appreciate it indeed. If I at least had a full working example, I could read through it, dissect it, hopefully understand it, and learn from it to write my own.



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i2cwrite(0,0xc6,0,1,4,12,19,30,230,31,255,"Time is " + $time)

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Thanks buddy. I think I missed the + out of my code. I'll try it tomorrow.:)

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I thought I marked this as "resolved" already, but obviously it didn't go through. Anyway, thanks for the help DJ. I'm very grateful.:)