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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Help With Grandsons Robot

I just ordered another EZB4 for myself and I am trying to help my 8 yr grandson" Hunter" who has been begging to build his own EZ robot.
I am starting him off with one of my EZBV3 kits.
I am having trouble finding the basic boxbot tutorials all together without jumping around on the video links? What can I Email him?
I wanted something easy that he could review before we worked on his robot and traveled to my home.
Is there another link?
Maybe someone can direct us?
Steve S


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United Kingdom
Here is the playlist for the three EZ-BoxBot videos.
Thank you Rich,
Your link is exactly what I needed to send to my grandson.
It is so much easier then telling him to logon to EZ Robot, Explore, Videos, page 3, step 3, page 4, step 2 then 1.
I appreciate your help.
Steve S