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Help With Damaged Project File

I worked all day yesterday and til about 3AM in the morning. I was on a roll. I saved my programs to the cloud and then I added personal stuff and saved them to my hard drive. Next I upgraded my builder. Things were working absolutely perfect last night. When I tried this afternoon at 2:00pm to open my file from my Hard disk, it said the file was corrupted or not the right version. Next I tried to open the file I had saved to the cloud and it gave me the same message. I am always updating and have NEVER had this problem before. I tried to install the previous version that I had on my hardrive saved and it told me that I could not downgrade because there was a newer version already on the machine. Then I tried to repair and it did complete. But, I still cannot access the programs I worked so hard to build.

Any suggestions??? Please Help!!!

Thanks in Advance!!!!


P.S. Sorry I put the title wrong.


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It wouldn't let me upload it. But it is on the cloud. The name is: useful commands. If you can get this working, I would like to try the one on my HD. But, that one is 317mb. It won't allow me to upload.
I have Uninstalled all previous versions of EZB and installed them back one at a time. But, somehow the file got corrupted, I guess. I was able to load and run all of the previous files that I did that day. Just this one file. Of course , it was the biggest and nicest yet
United Kingdom
The Cloud file useful commands is zero length and won't load so yes corrupted
And, on my end, it says that it is 317mb. But, it wouldn't load either. Something went wrong. I will just erase it and start over. But it was sooo cool. It was doing all kinds of stuff.
United Kingdom
Thats a shame it had already gone when I looked again. At least you seem to be up and working again :)
I will reprogram it over a period of the next few days and post it back.

So sorry Mel. What an absolute bummer!! I know how dishearting it can be. I lost one of my projects in the past. Ever since I always save my projects to a flash drive and to a external hard drive. So far, so good. Hang inb there my friend.
I had it saved in lots of places. But, NONE of them would reload.

Ok, I did a little experiment. I put all of the items I wanted to do in the file and saved it. IT became corrupt upon reload.

I did another program and had only 3 of the items. I saved it and reloaded it and it worked fine. so, there MUST be a limitation that I am violatiing. If someone knows , please let me know.

Thanks for your support.
I tried 3 files, worked great. Next I tried 12 files and I got an error that there was a problem with the saving of the xml file. Only 12 files!! I will continue testing. With 12, I was able to save to the hard drive, but not the cloud.
It looks like it's a soundboard issue hmmm... i haven't experienced this before. i'll poke around and look

*note: i deleted your other threads you started on this topic. one thread makes it a lot easier.
how big are your audio files that you are adding? if the saved file is 365mb, are the audio files that large also?
I will look and see. In sound board, it only takes wav files , doesn't it? MP3 would be smaller. But, I don't know all of the technicalities about that.

238K for all of them

NOTE* I am sorry, 238 MEG not K.

Ok, the largest is 369k and the smallest is 16K and the rest are everything inbetween.
I did a Windows Upgrade to get the latest everything.
I did a SFC SCANNOW to check the system files.
I did a Virus Scan.
Everything came out great.

Next, I did a series of Tests:

Test1 = 1 small soundbyte: =normal save and retrieve.
Test2= 3 small soundbytes: normal save and retrieve.
TEST3= 3 small soundbytes and 1 large complete song . = Saved, but could not reload.
Test4= 3 small soundbytes and 1 complete song= 24Megs=Saved and loaded fine.

I believe the size of the files matter. I believe the song was around 210k.

Maybe this data will help you determind what we can do.


Thanks for the test results.

I moved your information from the other thread you created into this one. Only need one thread for this discussion.
I have done some more tests. I added upto 24 files to put in the sound board. When I got to 25, it would not let me open the file. Then I took about five small files out and added large files upto 24 only.

Results, I have loaded upto 28 files, so there is no 24 limit.

But, you are limited on your megs. I could not manage over 289.6 megs with upto 28 files or a single file over that amount.

So , you can Increase your Megs or You can just tell us don't go OVER 289 Megs. Now it is possible that there is a 300gig limit,but I had no way to test that.

hope that this helped.

That was all of the tests that I ran.
Hehe, i don't think anyone has used that many sound files before:) Or at least in that file size.

Regarding the 289 MB limit, are you referring to the saving to the cloud, or to the HD?
Saving to the hard drive or the cloud.


I needed to play 40 soundbytes. Then I found I could not do them because you can have only one soundboard per project. When I reach the limit, it won't let me go further. I am going to have to shave my program back a little. I wanted to do major stuff with it. I will be happy when Synthia comes out. I am making a sort of sudo-chat algorythm. That is why I needed 40 soundbytes. When I am talking to the robot and I ask if she has ever heard of Lost in Space, she will play "Danger!Danger! Will Robinson!" and so forth and so on. I have about 40 soundbytes and they are neat.

Also, I have a lot of stuff she can simply Say. There are about 40 more. Then it starts to look like A.I. a little bit.
OK, I kinda sorted out what was most important and using the guidelines and limits made a mainbase chat program. I got in about 95% of my Must haves. It came out good. I tried to upload it to the cloud,but it would not let me. But, at least I can operate it.

Now, my next big step is to add it to the main controller program or add the other functions to this main unit. I know how to do them manually, but it would be nice if I could just add or call those programs like weather,news,sports,jokes. They are all working seperately. In my minds eye, I will totally communicate with the robot through voice and call all separate programs that way. At the end of one, I could call another sort of like a subroutine. But, you will be nice if you let me know if I can do that or not.

Any thoughts, let me know. and have fun at RoboGrl's party.

Bye for now!!