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Help? What Gps And Compass Module Or Kit Is Most Compatible With Ezb ?

Hello , I am looking for suggestions preferably based of experience of successful use. One of my projects is an outdoor type, if you have seen the truck like power wheels robot. I would like it to be able to drive to a GPS coordinate then turn until it reaches the next. Also as a secondary feature I would have the outdoor robot follow a person with a orange vest on. It would be nice for the GPS module to be able to plug directly in the ezb as well as capability to update position up to 5 times per second.


I will also need a compass module I believe to arrange orientation to the vehicle is pointed when it reads GPS so it knows which direction to turn.

Any help is great , direct links to items are what I am looking for.


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Virtually any GPS would be connecting to the computer running ARC, not the EZ-B itself.

Keep in mind that even in perfect conditions, GPS accuracy is limited to about 2 meters.

A cell phone which uses aGPS can get that consistently down to about a meter.

There are apps that can turn an Android phone into a Bluetooth GPS, and ARC supports an iPhone app called sensor stream which can stream aGPS position and compass heading over WiFi into ARC variables.

Neither requires a carrier contract to make use if the aGPS function although they do need a sim card for a carrier with local coverage installed to get the assistance data from the nearest cell tower (the sim can be inactive, just needs to be installed).

No I need one with a serial or uart to ezb. Not hack one to work indirectly. The ones I was looking at through hobby electronics places like sparkfun all see to be direct connect to arduino , beagle bone or raspberry pi. I imagine a ezb should be able to serial connect or uart.
This is for this project which I have not officially named. I was thinking the " Gladius outdoor GPS and Navigation Robot. But it's just a option at the moment.
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That thing is intense! I am really interested in seeing how this works out...
Great job Josh:)
Thanks Jason ! , I hope it turns out really cool.
Ok so I haven't really gotten any specific device recommendations. I am taking a look at sparkfun as they have a good reputation and we will see if anyone has an opinion here....

59.99 , establishes tracking in about 1 second , antenna is embedded.

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Thoughts? It says it communicates on 3.3 volt logic so we are good right?
I suggest you read an older thread I posted some time ago about using a Dingmore compass sensor. Search in the thread keyword search for dingmore compass. I also included a pdf datasheet. the sensor is ratiometric and works well at 3.3 volts.
you can search ebay for bargains also for the sensor.