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Help Setting Up My New Dlink Router. No Internet Connection

Ok, so I set up my new router and all is ok except no internet connection... I can log on to the networks with any of my wifi devices/computers, but there is no internet connection... Since I am a bit daft with the network stuff I need help. This is what I did

  1. Logged on to my old router/modem combo and disabled the wifi...
  2. I am using a wired Lan connection right now in order to type this and do the above
  3. Set up my Dlink according to the instructions step by step
  4. As far as I know all cables are correct... LAN1 Ethernet port out of the modem into the internet port on back of the Dlink router
  5. Set up network as per instructions... passwords, network name etc...
  6. Result after a couple of reboots of the system... all wireless connections state "limited connectivity only"...
  7. The router does indicate a solid internet connection, however....

So I have no problem connecting to the network, just no internet connection with any device

a) What am I doing wrong? Does the modem need different settings to allow a new router? b) Some settings in the new router I need to change or enable?

I can sure use help from some of you network guys before I pack it all up and send it back...

***I didn't set this thread for "require assistance" because I felt the credits should be EZ Robot related questions and I didn't want to abuse the credit system...

Thanks a million guys Richard


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Post the model number so I can download the manual and give step by step directions. Also, need to know the IP address if your cable modem/wired router.

The Dlink and the wired router need to be on different subnets, or you need to configure the Dlink in AP mode and disable its dhcp server so IP addresses are assigned by the wired router. If both are the same subnet, they will conflict. (former is probably easier and more reliable than latter- it is how my network is set up due to a problem with the wireless part of my FIOS router).



Thanks Alan... I knew you would help... Just didn't want to assume...:) I did some checking on dlink's web site and discovered the router and modem shared the same IP address. I went into my new Dlinks settings and changed the default IP to and bam!... The internet was back... OH joy oh bliss...

By the way you did help... as I learned a little about IP addresses from you in previous posts here...

Thanks Richard


Don't know what trouble you may encounter down the line but you might want to change the Dlink router IP to instead of Somewhere in the cobwebs of my mind there is some memory about the .255 not being a good number to assign since it is used for subnet masks.


Cool. I figured if I pointed you in the right direction you would figure it out. I was 99% sure it was an IP address or dual dhcp servers conflict.



Doc... I hear you... I will check it out and change it if need be... Thanks again Alan... Just glad we have network guys on here like you and Doc... That network stuff always ruffles my feathers...


Funny with my old router my EZBs used to connect 192.168... 13 or 14... Now they connect much higher up... 192.168... 101~103...


Somewhere in the dlink dhcp settings there will be a "starting ip address". Dlink starts these with 100 by default, although you can change it.

You'll probably want to assign specific ip addresses to your EZ-B's by MAC address so they always get the same address. Should also be in the DHCP settings section of the router menu.



OK, so both my EZBs now have their own reserved IP address...