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Help - How Can I Use An Iphone (With Ios 6) To Send Commands To Ez-Robot?

Hi, How can I use an iPhone (with iOS 6) to send commands to EZ-Robot? As used in ArDrone Parrot. My project is to send some instructions / controls a robot using the card EZ-Robot. Such as, movement servos, as on / off switches

Please can someone help me?

Thanks very much for yours attention. Beest Regards. HManso


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Enable the http server control, this will allow remote access through any internet browser.


Rich thanks for your reply, this is a solution but that's not what I intend. I want to use direct commands with code (Objective-C), developed by me.

Is there anyone who can help me?


You can run any ARC script command through a telnet connection. Creating a telnet connection is trivially simple in virtually all programming languages today. Just search the forum for telnet for dozens of posts with ideas and examples. You will still need ARC running on a computer in communication with your ez-b. If you want to control the ez-b directly from iOS, there is nothing available yet, but dj has hinted at something coming, possibly when revolution is released this winter.



thetechguru thanks for your reply. Yes I know the TELNET, was what I wore 30 years ago to find information on the internet (at that time there was no browsers). But now what I want is very simple, I explain:

  • I have a human skeleton with its organs mounted, and each organ has an LED, and each bone joint has a servo, and I want to identify each organ, and joint, through an iPhone or iPad. Understood?


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HTTP Server and TELNET are currently the only ways to control ARC remotely.

I'm not sure I understand what you want to do short of developing your own iOS client app and using the SDK to develop a PC server app (unless you are able to use the SDK in the iOS app).


Rich thanks for your reply.

I want develop my own app. Create my own methods (functions, scripts,) in objective-c. Convert to Objective-C, which has been developed in C + +, or C #


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Sorry, I just realised this is in the SDK section. I had assumed you were using ARC. When it comes to the SDK/C# I have no idea, hopefully someone who does can help you out.


Rich thanks for your reply, and its attention to helping.

DJ Sures, the great man of robotics, thanks for the help, and the reply.

Thank you for both.

Regards. HManso


hmanso, remember - you will need either a jailbroken iOS device or a WIFI module on the EZ-B. This is because iOS devices will not connect natively to Bluetooth 2 devices that aren't MFI certified.

EZ-Robot has MFI, however the encryption chips were way too much money for us to afford. The iOS encryption chip for Bluetooth 2.1 would have made the EZ-B an additional $50

*Note: The EZ-B will connect natively to Android devices without any modification.


DJ, thanks for reminding me about the issue of Bluetooth communication. I'm planning to use the WiFi. In EZ-Robot is possible to replace the Bluetooth device by one WIFI? If so, can one help how to do it?

One more time, my thanks you by your attention.

Regards. HManso


Ok, thanks a lot.

But one more thing, can you explain how to assemble this module, physically in the EZ-Robot instead of Bluetooth?

Regards. HManso


When the Bluetooth Class 2 is removed from the EZ-B 4 pin header you will see the 4 pin designations, (Gnd, Vcc, TX, Rx). The WiFi module also has the same lead designations. You can connect the WiFi Tx to the EZ-B Tx and the WiFi Rx to the EZ-B Rx. A separate battery supply of 3.3 to 5 vdc is suggested to avoid a brownout condition on the EZ-B. Remember to connect the separate battery ground lead to the EZ-B battery ground.


Robot-Doc, thanks for your reply, and its attention to helping.

Regards. HManso