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Help Getting ARC On An Acer W4 Tablet

Hello. New to the Ez robot world and really excited to dig in. I've got my v4 and camera all ready to go but can't get the EZ builder software on my PC.

I'm normally a mac guy, but have an old Acer w4 running Windows 8.1. I downloaded the software, but when I go to install it I get an error that says it cannot be installed on a device with a .NET framework lower then 4.6.1.

I found some other people with this issue and instructions on how to update to 4.6.1, but here is the rub. Those updates are only good for x64 or x86 computers and the acer is a x32. I don't think you can go to 4.6.1 on a 32bit machine, but I could be wrong.

It looks like the EZ builder update to 4.6.1 is pretty recent. Is there anyway to download the slightly older EZ builder software before 4.6.1?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.



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.NET 4.6.1 supports x86

did you tried the link below ?


It is confusing, but x86 is the same as 32bit.



Ah, ok. That helps a ton. I'm a Windows noob. Downloading and trying the x86 stuff. Will report back.

Thank you!


Yeah, strange isn't it? X64 means 64 bit. But x86 means 32 bit. However, the 86 is derived from the CPU architecture of the 186. Then carried over to the 286, etc.

The crazy thing is that the 286 is 16 bit. The 386 was 32 bit.

So what does x86 actually mean? Only google knows! And I'm not interested enough to search today :)


Okay fine I googled.

Something I forgot about, but both the 16 bit and 32 bit were 86 instruction set. So here's the confusion:


Thanks everyone!

I think it's installing! Had a bunch of trouble getting this dumb "KB2919355" update installed, but it finally took and the 4.6.1 is installing now. Watching the progress bar!



Alan is correct, x86 is another word for 32 bits.

Although x86 was used to describe the Intel 8086 16 bit processor and successors: 8088, 80286, 80386, 80486, 80586.

The 32 bit architecture started with the 80386.


My first Intel PC was a pure 8086 CPU: Epson Equity 1E

still in my mother's house.

What a powerful machine 512Kb memory, turbo mode, monochromatic display a 10Mb Hard disk, 720Kb Floppy drive.


Guys! It worked! Thank you so much. ARC is running on my Acer w4 and I was able to connect to the v4 via wifi. SO much cool stuff to learn.

Fired up the camera to test and it streams very nice. Barely any lag.

Can't wait to dig in more and start contributing to the community. Thank you again for you awesomeness and prompt help!


My first was a z80 - first generation Tandy TRS-80. 8k ram, that I upgraded to 16 voiding my warranty. My first 8086 was a significant upgrade.



Oh! Trash 80! Nice!

Here's my first computer. It's at my cabin in a closet. I take it out occasionally to play games. I have another, which was my dads, at my house here in Calgary - it's the one I used on my April fools video last year lol. Forgot about that one.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I have my C64 at the cabin as well! It hasn't been turned on in for ever. No disks have survived.


This was the first the first 8086 I owned and also my first portable computer. Not exactly a laptop. I bought it used after it was already quite out of date. I had an IBM ps/2 286 with a 40meg hard drive at work, but needed something at home to check MCIMail and Compuserve (worked for MCI at the time. Can you imagine we used to actually pay per message for email?)



Man Those were pretty serious machines for back then, tbe 8086. You were sure lucky!

I got home and all this talk of old computers got me excited for a little donkey kong! I have this gem setup on a modest sized tv ha!

User-inserted image


Lol, this got the memories rolling. I started with a TRS 80 model 2, and then Atari 800 computer. Those were the fun days of long nights.


How cool. Ya gotta love the DK! I had an Atari also and spent hours and hours playing DK and other classic games. Now I've got these on my MAME and I love them just as much.

I started out with an Apple 2 GS. Green screen monitor, mouse, 4.5(?) floppy drive and a 9pt Dot Matrix printer. Cost around 2K USD at the time and I had to finance it and took years to pay off! I loved working (playing) with that thing. I felt like I was on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. :)


Those bring back memories... my first computer was the TRS-80 model I, 4k ram, woohoo ! :)