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Help Cant Connect To Ez-B

hi there guys i have a problem regarding my ez-b i recently couldnt have much time to build robots and such so i needed to stop my projects when i came back my computer couldnt find the board from same com my board is blinking blue bluetooth device blinking red help me what should i do how can i fix this?


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United Kingdom
This might sound a silly question but is the bluetooth linked to the EZ-B when you look in bluetooth devices on your computer?
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Does the red light stop flashing at all when you try to connect?
What does the debug say in ARC?

And as @dkennyken said, check to make sure it's still paired with the PC.
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If no devices are showing up you need to set bluetooth setting to automatic as it's probably disabled.

Go into computer management and click services and then bluetooth supporting service and right click--> enable. Wait for it to enable and then right click again --> properties and then select start type to automatic.

Then just click start and check in bluetooth devices to see if it's linked, or add it again?
first of all thnx for quick replies,
i have 2 computers one is a mac other PC my mac's sees the ez-robot but my PC doesnt i think i have a pairing problem as you guys said how can i make my computer see my ez-b?
my computer found my board (finally) but still software cant find the board i entered the tethering code 1234
when i press connect red light stops blinking and turns solid

here is what software says
EZB 0:
EZB 1:
EZB 2:
EZB 3:
EZB 4:
TCP Server stopped
TCP Server stopped
TCP Server stopped
TCP Server stopped
TCP Server stopped

Connection Failed: System.Exception: Controller Not Responding
at EZ_B.EZB.Connect(String hostname, String tcpPassword, Int32 baudRate)
Attempting connection on COM3
Comm Err: The operation has timed out.
BbytesToExpect: 1
I would first try to cycle power on the board and see if that helps.

From what you are describing it sounds like the bluetooth module is making a wireless connection but it may not be making a good electrical connection with the EZ-B chip.

A couple things to try are:

-Push down on the chip and make sure it's making a good connection with the chip socket
-Pull the bluetooth module a little bit out of it's socket and push it back down again

Both of these actions "reseat" the physical connections to allow for better electrical contact

Let us know if these help, thx!:)
i tried doing them bluetooth light blinks when i connect power it keeps blinking for a while than it stops is that normal?
As long as proper power is applied to the EZ-B, the bluetooth LED should flash until a connection is established at which time the LED stops flashing and stays on steady.
United Kingdom
When it stops blinking is it solid red or is it off?

It sounds like it is establishing a connection but then almost immediately dropping the connection. This could be a few things...

Check it's set up on the PC correctly and that you are using the native windows BT stack. Also, it appears that Windows 8.1 can cause issues with the BT, have you updated to 8.1 recently?

Check your power source. A low battery or a high demand on the EZ-B may cause the connection to drop out. Try disconnecting everything from the EZ-B and connecting a decent power supply to it (better yet, connect an AC/DC power supply for example from an old router, switch, portable CD player etc. (anything from 5v to 17v will do)
If you haven't already try unplugging everything , remove the chip and Bluetooth . Then reinsert them and apply power agian.
The only thing that kinda changed was when the comm ports are defined, instead of using the lower numbered port to connect to the EZ-B, use the higher number instead. Other than that there were no major changes or differences in the bluetooth application.

If your bluetooth unit is actually turning off, when a connection is attempted then it may be a defective unit.