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Help Cannot Get My Computer Or Phone To Recognize My Ezbv4

Hello! I am new to the world of EZ, and am experiencing my first issue. I have the developer kit, and am trying to link to the EZBv4. Neither my computer or my smart phone can detect it. I have the Microsoft stack for computer, and it and the phone detect each other...but no one seems to notice the EZB ("sniff" and his feelings are very hurt). I have the battery pack (fully charged) attached, the start-up message plays, and the blue light is flashing. I have reset it a few times as well. I have gone through all the tutorials... but they seem to deal with connection issues AFTER the device is recognized. Any help and advice will be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!


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Start simple and take it from there.

Are you trying to check for it by WiFi or Bluetooth? I'm asking as your post has hints of bluetooth about it but the V4 is WiFi not Bluetooth.


Oh my. I love it when my first introduction to a new community makes me look reeeeeal stupid, LOL! I HAVE been treating it as Bluetooth. When I first discovered the product and was reading about it , most of what was talked about was the Bluetooth. Errrr....I'm going to slooowly back out of here, go back to the tutorials, and, um, try to pretend I have a brain. (shakes head and mutters "Some people should NOT be allowed to play with robotics!" ).

Thanks Rich!


LoL, I love a sense of humor. Welcome to the forum.

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It has been recently (ish) changed to WiFi so I can see why you may have looked at the bluetooth side. Luckily we don't think there are any stupid questions just stupid answers, so you're all good :)

However I will take this opportunity to direct you to the Learn section, you'll discover all you need to know about the V4:) (I can see you've already done some but it's worth doing them all).


@Rich... I have a stupid question... What tool do I need to open the ez robot camera case? confused



I have a stupid question... What tool do I need to open the ez robot camera case?
lmfao:D now now Mr R play nice edit; has the frown on @Richs' avatar got deeper ;)

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Yeah, I know just the tool you are talking about, and he requires a screw driver... ;)


@Rich... That's the funniest thing I have read on this forum!... Hands down! :D



If it's the same case that came with mine I can sell you the right tool. :D


Sorry..... "Richard"

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Great to be on a new forum where people have a sense of humor!


ooh, I need a new bubble for my spirit level

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:P Maybe it's a left handed screw driver he's after. Anyone? eyeroll

Welcome to the forum Dr. Occularis. :)