Hello All,I Have Not B

Hello All,

I have not been able to connect to the ez b v4 from the ARC app.  My computer recognizes it as a wifi source and I can connect to it but thats as far as I can go. When I open ARC and try to connect it fails every time. I have disabled the firewall on the computer but still no luck. Attached is an image of the error message I get. Any thoughts?

User-inserted image




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Looks like firewall is blocking the connection.  If you use an anti-virus other than Windows Defender it may include one that unlike Windows doesn't ask if you want to allow the connection   Avast and AVG are both notorious for blocking ARC form communicating with the EZ-B.



What happens when you press YES to viewing the connection tutorials?


Currently when I press YES.... it can't connect as I am offline as the wifi is connected to the EZ-B and not my router.


Thanks for the firewall theory but only using Defender and its disabled.




I’m wondering I’d the connection tutorial link works or not since the migration. There’s some details about how to ensure the ezb is still operational. Such as, does it make a chime when powered on?

And have you reset it to defaults using the reset button?


Can you access the EZ-B's web configuration page?



I have hit the reset and it does chime when first powered on.

Nope.can't access the we configuration page.




BTW.... why does the camera come up in a search when I do a search for devices from EZ-B? The camera is not connected yet is comes up as being found along with the EZ-B




It’s the camera port that is detected. Do you have two WiFi’s in your computer or two networks connected? Ie an Ethernet and a WiFi connected?

Is your IP address on the computer hardcoded? (Static)


Thanks for the answer regards the camera port detection.  I only have Wifi connected, not ethernet. The IP address is automatic


When you’re connected to the ezb WiFi, what is the IP address that you’re assigned?

This is a really unusual situation because you mentioned the web configuration can’t even be viewed. Yet, the chime and all is operating as normal. There’s definitely something on the windows pc preventing web configuration connection as well as the ezb connection. The most interesting part of this story is the device scanner works - which means the ezb is broadcasting to the pc.

I’ve never come across something like this before. It’s very difficult sometimes to depend on another company’s product - in this case we’re talking about Microsoft Windows operating system. Sure, it’s great...  but it allows apps, viruses and configurations which can affect operation of other things it’s meant to do. This being one of them.

What ip are you assigned?

Can you ping

What error does your web browser give when viewing the web configuration at

Lastly, what version is the ezb?

Have you ever been able to connect to it?


I just tried that and got the config page.  Its a v4


Ok.... update time.

After your last post it entered my mind that this might not be the right computer to use for this project. Let me explain more... I am a Mac guy in general.  I have a custom made program for a touch screen program I use for interactive trade show displays I build. I have a PC to connect through ethernet to those touch screens to program them. If memory serves... I had my programmer configure the pc to connect directly to the screens and not have to use  a router to create a network.  I thought maybe that that was causing a problem here as another address has been assigned to the pc.  I can go online via wifi though so maybe that isn't the problem.

Anyway.... I just installed the EZ program on my wife's PC and has no problem at all connecting to the EZ-B so time to get a new PC for this project I guess and go from there.

Many Thanks to all those who chimed in.


Update. Got a new PC and problem solved. Just wanted to share.



Here's something i was going to ask you to do something that would have identified if there are more than one networks. At command prompt, you can enter the command IPCONFIG and it will show the ip addresses of all networks.


Being a Mac guy I am not sure how to enter a command IP-Config.  This project has sort of forced me to finally learn PC all over again. If you can direct me I will look up the ip addresses when I get back home in a few days.



Haha okay - well, welcome back to Windows:D

  1. Press the windows button

  2. Type CMD (press enter)

  3. A command window will open

  4. Now type IPCONFIG in the command window