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Hello All

I just realized I have not yet identified myself to the EZ-Robot Community, I apologize. My name is Clint; I am an I.T. Professional and now an amateur Robotics. I have an Omnibot 2000 that my 9 year old son and I are working on to make it fully functional. I what it to have as much movement and personality I can give it, but aside from the color scheme, front panel, and eyes, I don't want to change it from stock looks. I appreciate all of your help so far and all of your help to come. Thank you


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Goodday Clint! What sort of IT are you into? I'm a freelance mobile + applications engineer, nice to meet you here!
I am very good with hardware and networking, as well as Windows and Exchange Server. I work as an I.T. Manager at a Resort near Houston, Texas. I graduated college with a degree in History, but computers have always been my passion. After college I got certified in different I.T related areas and here I am now. I love Robotics and really feel that is where the future of computing is going. What area of mobile/ applications engineer are you in?
I live on the East Coast of Canada, and I have a few apps in the App Store with a few different clients. I'm best at XMPP chat integration and stuff like that, custom PHP development for WordPress sometimes, things like that. I actually have no education atall and get by on experience + portfolio alone - but that's fine, I do well enough:)

I've sold my MacBook Pro and I'm ordering a hexapod and humanoid tomorrow I think. Been really busy thinking of different things to code. . .

'hey robot, meet Douce' - me 'we are the borg, you will be assimilated, resistence is futile. Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.' - robot

that's a good one. I also think I may code them to do a bunch of random things that would be useful to me. . and fun! Might buy a wifi / bluetooth stereo and have them play music for me etc. Also think I'll make them tell me jokes. And perform math magic tricks with people for entertainment value:) What do you plan on getting your bots to do?

I'm also seriously thinking of different ways for them to interact - sumo wrestling comes to mind, so does creating 'herbavore' and 'carnivore' bots - not sure how the batteries work yet, but if it's possible to make bits that have solar panels and can charge the battery and then also have a method for the carnivores to drain battery power from each other + the herbavores, I might be able to create a whole ecosystem. I also had the thought of lasers + light receptors for fun battles. Capture the flag comes to mind too.