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Helicopter Board To Rc Receiver

Hey guys,

I was just thinking about a possible way to make the ez-b controllable via any rc receiver/transmitter.
What I would do is wire a 2 motored helicopter recieving board, and would hook the motor line to adc ports on the ez-b. Then, one motor will translate into forward speed, and the other will translate into turning speed and direction.

Any flaws with this idea? Heli board puts out 3.7v max power, so the ez-b should handle it, correct?

If it works I'll make a video demonstrating it.

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There is an EZ Script Function:

GetPWM (digitalPort)
Gets the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) of specified port
PWM is between 0 and 100
Example: $x = GetPWM(D14)

I assume that if you connect the output of an RC receiver channel (1) to an EZ-B4, digital port (D14) $x will produce an output that will track the RC transmitters stick movements.

Is that what you wanted?

Has anyone tried this out yet?
This was my idea, yes. But the output is the motor drive voltage. In your sample PWM is adc.

If it works, it means that no one Is limited to just PC controllers. Now you could make your own if you wanted!