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Hbridge/Wii Remote Confusion

Hey there everybody,

New guy here with a newb question:)

I can't seem to get my robot to move in any direction other than forward and backwards.

I'm using the HBridge (on D15-D18) with PWM on D0, and a Wii remote. The little bot just won't turn right/left.

I'm sure the answer is simple. Is it a matter of scripting or something more obvious?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've only been at this for a few days, so go ahead and assume I know next to nothing.


Here's how my hbridge is set up:

User-inserted image


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If it was connected correctly, it'll just work. You won't need scripting or any configuration outside of the HBridge wiring. That being said, the symptom you are experiencing sounds like the HBridge channels are not connected correctly...

For example, Left Trigger A and Left Trigger B are not connected to the Left Channel of the HBridge.

It would seem that one of the Left Triggers is connected to one of the Right Channels - and vice versa.

Verify your wiring and it'll work:)

Ps, hello! Welcome to EZ-Robot!
Be sure to install a PWM slider control and set it to your D0 port. Then you will have to move the slider up to over 20 percent to get the motor to move. The higher you move the slider the faster the motor will move. bottom the slider out and the motor will stop. If you have no PWM control installed in ARC your motor will not move (unless you use a EZ Script).
Fixed! The wiring was mostly correct and the aforementioned PWM was fine, but the hbridge settings were waaaaaay off. With a little trial and error (mostly error) and some help from my super-asian boyfriend, my bot can now move in all directions via Wii remote!

Here are the changes I made to the settings:

User-inserted image

I really appreciate the direction/support from DJ and Dschulpius. You were right DJ. Once it was set up properly, no scripting was needed. It just worked, beautifully.

AND! Who knew DJ was such a night owl? Look at that response time;)

Thanks again guys,
Sam & Christian
lol, i don't sleep much:) glad it worked out for you!
DJ, I know this is not the proper forum for this, but...

As a 30-something, ebm/industrial kid at heart, I really like some of your music. Especially "mostly harmless" "electric ghost" and "lessons in analog" Are they still available for download?

#william gibson #haujobb #sucking up
Oh geez! Those are some old songs:) I forgot all about that - now i'm nostalgic!

my life of atmospheric music is still online. That's back in the day when i wanted to make background music for video games... oh, a different life... A different time.... http://www.dj-sures.com/Music

Thanks for the compliments:) flattery will get you everywhere!
Congrats Joy! Post a video and pics I would love to see your build!
Bahahaha! Dat Music.
@jstarne1, Thanks! It's a big work in progress. Once I get him to a certain point, I'll showcase it.

He's an Omnibot. I've got his clock/display and tape player working. I wanted to keep as many of the original functions as possible.

The EZ-B is installed where the old battery would have been. He has an on/off key switch (top right), and tiny warp core looking thing (it's a re-purposed raver toy).

I've installed the usb/camera dongle in an old laser tag sensor (velcro'd to the back of the laptop that runs ARC).

I used an original Ghostbusters "trap" toy as a backpack. It houses his hbridge and mp3 trigger.

I'm still working on his camera, mp3 trigger, and distance sensors.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Anybody out there know a simple way to power the Omnibot's original circuits with the EZ-B? For instance, would I be able to power him the same way I power an led, with a pwm?

You guys have been phenomenal btw!
What original circuits are you trying to power. Personally I would replace lights with LEDs and yes a digital port can power those directly.
I think I'm asking the question the wrong way. *scratches head and thinks*

I'd like to power the Omnibot's original/factory board, but using the EZ-B. That way he could play tapes. I thought about using a pwm, run the wires to his barrel jack, but leave out the +5... The same way I wired/powered his LEDs.

I'm just not too keen on experimenting with the little guy for fear of popping his original board. I'm hoping someone can tell me if the pwm way would be safe to power his original/factory board. If not, can someone offer an alternative that doesn't require the addition of another battery pack.

The Omnibot was born to play tapes:)