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Resolved Resolved by thetechguru!

Hb25 Motor Controllers

Hello there,

Hey, this may have been asked before, but has anyone had any luck controlling two Parallax HB25 controllers ? I am trying to experiment getting the two wheels to move correctly via the continues servo control panel, and seem to be having issue with the start/stop values,etc.. I'm sure there is something i'm missing. For now I just want to do a simple and basic left/right/forward/reverse movement. Any help would be great thanks!


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Thanks Techguru. I reviewed these threads, and I am basically getting the same results. I tried the init script, that did not help.I wonder if anyone recently has had better luck?
So I finally got lucky here. After two years of not being able to get my Parallax Eddie platform with those HB25 , EZb finally made it happen. After looking thru the threads, turns out I had to make my own adjustments for the motors to even stop let alone going back and forth. Now, with the modified movement panel, I can control the directs correctly. I also got it to work via voice command, and just recently via a joystick. I even added a little Cylon voice when you start it :-)
Next will be the ping sensor(and I want to add a couple more), then the camera tracking.
I will post a pic or vid of what I have so far when I the time too.