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Has Anyone Created A NFC Tag Reader Plug In


I am looking at using NFC tags to identify objects. Has anyone integrated NFC reader capability into code?

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Most nfc readers use a UART interface. You can simply read from the hw UART of what ever style of EZB your'e using. Remember, you'll need a hardware UART. So an arduino uno won't work. But many others would. What NFC peripheral are you wanting to use? The datasheet will help connect to it if you let me know
The reader I have is a USB and Bluetooth  interface   not UART.   Is it possible to use a USB to UART adapter in this situation or do I need to buy a NFC reader with UART.
Yes - the bluetooth will also be serial. USB is universal serial. They're both serial - so you don't need a UART on an EZB. The USB should add a serial port, so you can use the COM JavaScript class for accessing the local com ports on the PC. Review the datasheet for your device and access it - voila!

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