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Has The Flat Battery Holder Changed

Before i got 5 AA flat battery holder with my EZB and now with the 10 EZB i got from robotshop is has 6 AA flat battery holder


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Yes, last Jan it changed to 6 in a square (3 on 3). And last may it changed to a flat 6
i ALSO got a flat 5 cell from a MAKER SHED,maybe i got by mistake
5 times 1.5 volts = 7.5 volts

i know 6 cell is better since it can take rechargable ni-cads ,where in 5 cell it cant

1.2 volts times 5 = 6 volts on 6 cell its 7.2 volts

here is the photo of the 5 cell holder i got

User-inserted image
ONE thing i like now about the new 6 cell battery holder,is that you can use NI-CADS in it

I bought a lot of 3000 ma NI-CADS about 50 and going to use them in the holder instead of the 5 cell plus 1 cell holder design i made awhile back it will give me 7.2 volts at 3 amps (3000ma)

hope it fits in wall-e,i know the 5 cell fits and easy to put a 1 cell holder on top or bottom of it to make it 6 cell
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The EZB can run with a 6V supply. Are you sure you can't use NiCd batteries with the 5 cell holder?
DJ said no it would not work,it told me the voltage i need for using ni-cads was 7.4 volts for it to work correctly

ask DJ if you think i am wrong like always
It'll work with rechargeables on 5 cell - but not for very long - and not for as many servos. The chance of brownout is high. The ez-b will run on about 3 volts:) but it won't power anything.

The higher amperage will make the ez-b last longer. Higher voltage will help prevent brown out.
Yes thats what i thought and ni-cads use a 1.2 volts per cell where reg aa is 1.5 volts
and from another post you said the ideal voltage is 7.4 volts using AA batteries

So you are correct it wont last very long at all,i think also i havent check the specs on LDO YOU ARE USING ,BUT I WOULD SAY IT NEAR .3 VOLTS
so it 6 volt battery will have problems regulating below 5.3 volts,

most robots use a least 4 servo's if not more ,like wall-e,and not including sensors that draws current and led that draws near 10 ma it all adds up

one reason i change your LED to a 1 ma LED,and its on all the time not like servo's or sensors *blush*
Can you post a link for those LEDs?
yes tonight i will
IS a HP LIKE HLP### you can go to digi-key and put in led in search and set the color and ma out .its a small T-1 BASE i think
but also other companies do make them too,very low cost