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Hard Of Hearing Robots(Like Sum Humans)

I had an amazing(dumb?) idea for those robots who are hard of hearing, like most. VR can be frustrating with a mic let alone with the builtin laptop mic. SO heres the cool robot idea.
Combine Steampunk and robot! Provide a large ear horn..pic provided(not me btw):)
User-inserted image

You'd be the hit of the party!:)


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United Kingdom
I know that's a joke but, even that may not solve the problem... I use vr for home automation through a whole host of applications, it's taken me 11 months to get to where I am at the moment and even now when I tell my house to turn the lights on it doesn't quite understand and often tells me what track is currently playing, the time or something entirely different. It's even been known to talk to itself and get caught in an endless loop of vr and speech synthesis...

The key to vr is to train it, and spend a lot of time training it. Then, it'll still do something else when you ask it to do something... Think of it as a 6 year old child:)

Personally I think having a robot that doesn't always respond to your commands or does something different to what you ask every now and then adds to the illusion that it's alive:)