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Happy New Year To Everyone

Including RICH,i am super nice guy who never gets mad ever,even if i dont care for some of his opinions or insults he gave me,better to forgive then not


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United Kingdom

I've never purposely or maliciously insulted you. If you have a problem with me you are free to ignore my posts, if you don't then have a good new year, I know I will...


well you did,and you said you did not care about my feelings was hurt but still have a good new years


stop fighting! why are robot makers why don't fight why help each other why are like brothers who are addicted to robotics please don't fight i hate seeing you fight


we not really fighting,i never ever got in to a fight with anyone or dislike anyone I am only trying to help others with my designs


good idea,but i am already

KUDO48PA most likeky you are like me a nice guy who doesnt fight,get mad or insult anyone HAPPY NEW year my friend good to find a lot of friends in this club who love building robots as much as i do


i made a EZ ROBOT CLUB IN YAHOO GROUPS and even RICh can join ,for his ideas and help


I 'm thinking differences of opinions should be settled by Battlebots , and with internet controlled bots , think how much fun that would be! HAPPY NEW YEAR


Fair enough robotmaker:) and thanks for creating the Yahoo group:) I am wondering what how a robot would celebrate New Years?


But, we can ALL Agree to Disagree. It doesn't make one of us wrong and one of us right. It makes us different in what we believe which is "OK."

Happy New Year!;)


Happy New Year from Belgium !

Greetz, PhG


YES MEL i keep saying that alot

IROBOT Wish my robot can drink,since i dont drink at all OR smoke all very very bad for you