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Happy New Year! Bring On 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!

It has been exactly one year since I launched ARC - that excites me. It is hard to imagine how far EZ-Robot has come. Everyday I log onto our website and read the energetic responses from you. It touches my heart to see how EZ-Robot has impacted your lives. Imagine a world without EZ-Robot? All those dreams of robots would continue to be locked away in your imagination... Never to have been created.

Well, I have great news to add to EZ-Robot. We have determined that Mobile Device Support is our highest priority for 2012. It is time to connect your robots to phones and tablets. We are already deep into development and will have a product soon - this is not a tease!:)

It is a new year, I would personally love to hear comments of your experience with EZ-Robot. Myself and the rest of the growing team who support the back-end of EZ-Robot would enjoy it very much.

Take a moment to write a comment of your experience - how EZ-Robot has impacted your life. Or, optionally make a video and share your project, no matter what stage it is at. Let's put faces to names... After all, we have become a pretty big family over the past year:)



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Thanks DJ & all your team

May I introduce my project Over a number of years I built my humanoid Robot (see pic ) which is built on a modified electric wheel chair base ,standing at over 4.5 feet tall ,has 18 servo motors controlling its movements, a modified pc cd unit for speech , cameras in both eyes for a very complex movement control system ,a voice recognition module in its head ,parts of its body touch sensitive and much more. It was a huge task just to power up with two on board pc'c to operate all the modules. Having recently incorporated the EZ B what a difference so many features ,so much more on one card ,its fantastic . Will make it much more interactive ,lots of ideas on drawingboard. Best Wishes to all For 2012

(hope pic uploads as its first attempt)

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Great work Leonardo! Its so inspiring to see people building actual working robots!!!! As opposed to modifing toys. This is my ultimate goal! I am a disabled Vietnam Vet and am working towards building a robot that will enable me to stay independent as I grow older and my physical condition slowy becomes more debilitating. I encourage you to share your work with others, so we might all beneifit by each others knowledge and building experiences. I think it would enrich us all.



Thanks Lloyd Yes I have no problem sharing my Robot called " Leonardo " , initially it began with wheel chair base only in its first life it was controlled by a joystick, is still is I just added two servos and they simply replace finger movements.

All of body is assembled from aluminium frame , recycled video recorder heads are used as bearings for both arms, hard drive motors are also used in both hands even the platter out of a 3.5" hard drive has a function. Both arms have a unique system of raising & lowering , a standard servo's movement( much to small to raise the arm ) is tracked by a powerfull 12v motor thereby raising & lowering as required and of course can now be connected to the ez b .no need for any motor drive module. Both hands have a recycled pc mouse with a miniture servo inside ,nice effect. Cameras in both eyes ( webcams ).touch sensitive body ,eg tickle its neck and you get a very funny laugh !!! who said Robots don't have feelings ,of course they do.



Thanks for sharing Pat. Really interesting stuff you're doing there. I have a elec. wheelchair out in the garage waiting to become a robot. I too though about hooking up servos to the onboard joystick; but am opting to learn how to hook up a Syn Ren 25x2 controller for the motors. It would allow me the option of using the EZ-B and R/C control. The option would be nice, and flexable. When that time comes I hoping DJ or some of the folks here on the forum can lead me in the right direction. My design will not attempt to make the bot look humanoid, but rather designed for form and function. If I can impart some personality into to it, all the better. The design is evolving in my minds eye for now. Plus I'm learning about the EZ-B/ ARC. Gaining more knowledge and building experience. Keep up the good stuff.


Lloyd Forgot to mention I simply connect both servos to a 2 ch radio reciever and HEY PRESTO its full remote control !!