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H-Bridge Question With Ez-B V4

Hello EZ-Robot Team, i have follow problem: I have a remodeled Omnibot 2000 I have successfully operated with the ECB-V3 and the H-bridge. Now I have changed to the EZ-B V4 and since then he moves only very slowly. When I use the PWM controller to Max. Point moves the robot extremely slow. I place the PWM regulator to slowly he drives no longer. Where is the problem? What can i Do?

Please help me!

Thanks an Greetings from Germany Sven


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Sounds like the HBridge is wired incorrectly. What you should do is check the wiring. Also, what HBridge are you using? Due to the very slow speed, i am concerned that the motors are wired incorrectly and getting their power from the EZ-B and not the battery. That will damage the EZ-B.

Please provide more information. Such as what hbridge, the wiring and project details.


Thanks for the quick reply, I am using this H-bridge: The wiring has not changed, I have indeed changed for V4 only by the Governing V3. Even the ports I have transferred 1: 1. But I'll check the wiring again, not that I have demolished a cable during the conversion and the H-bridge but now brings the power of the ECB. I will provide feedback after the test.


Hello DJ, They had the right guess, I actually got a cable from the power supply of the H Bridge demolished. Now everything works fine. Many thanks