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H-Bridge &Amp; Lol Tiny Question

Im soon to start an rc 4wd project which will be run by a Lol Tiny and a H-bridge.

I wanted to ask in regards to a latter rc project, if i want to run 6xDC motors(6WD) would i need 3xH-bridge controllers?

If i need 3 H-bridge controllers, could the Lol Tiny run all 3?

Have been intrigued by DC motors of late, so much torque and very responsive.

I've always wanted an autonomous rc robot for home, but i will also want to drive it manually time to time. Also can an Rx(receiver) be installed onto a H-Bridge/Lol Tiny for manual driving with my stick Tx?

I know a bluetooth controller can be set up for it, but i have stick transmitter i would like to use to control it instead, for i would have more control options to switch between different cameras and accessories.

I did a bit of searching on h-bridges and couldnt find what i was searching for so any help would be great thank you!


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An hbridge for a single motor without speed control requires two digital ports

An hbridge for a single motor with speed control requires three digital ports



Many thanks DJ. :)

Thats awesome and great news. cool


Not to be nit picky or anything but it's ioTiny not Lol Tiny (as in "internet of things" ).... Also if you use a sabertooth 2 x 5 or 2 x 12 motor controller instead you need only 1 port on the ioTiny. I assume you are driving those 4 motors in a "car type" configuration... as in 2 wheels a side?



Thanks for pointing that out, i never noticed that...and thats not nit picky at all, i appreciate that. :)

Yep its a 4WD, 2 wheels per side, a DC motor will be on each wheel. ;)

Motors have a 34:1 gearbox and an integrated quadrature encoder, should have a good amount of torque.