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Asked — Edited

H Bridge Voltage

Can I feed the h bridge sold here with 12 volts dc? From what I have read it will only take 5 volts.
Thanks, Dave

Sure can! The controller CPU takes 5 volts, and the motors can take up to 46 volts. Peak current is 4 Amps. There is a video in the tutorial section for connecting the controller.
Ahh, OK. Thanks!

I'm very new and learning so please excuse this next question.

After watching the video it seems to make makes sense. But in your video your running off the same battery pack that your feeding the EZb with. You mention that the CPU takes 5vdc and motors can take up to 46v. This confuses me a little. When you say controller do you mean the EZb?

I'm using a 12v power supply to run my EZb (I've been told here that this is OK as the EZb can handle up to 17vdc) and have DC motors rated at 12vdc. Just to be clear and so I don't burn something up; it sounds like I can run that 12vdc right to the H Bridge? The way I read this is that I can have a different voltage all the way up to 46 volts (4 amps) feeding the H bridge?

Thanks for the help!

Dave Schulpius
The H bridge has two inputs to operate. 1st is the motor supply voltage. 2nd is the control voltage (signals from EZ-B) which is 5v. Think of it as two seperate systems. The control side tells the motor side what to do.

The EZ-B accepts 12v input but all your digital connections are operating at 5v past that point.

So yes you can share the 12v with the motor supply voltage and the EZ-B input. The connection for controlling the H bridge from the EZ-B will be 5v.