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South Africa
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Greetings From South Africa

Hi Dj and every1:)

I am a complete noob to robotics (i know basic soldering and a bit about very basic electronics), but really love the idea!

After finding the walle video on hackaday and showing it to a few people, i decided to check out this "EZB" controller.

After seeing the website, form and very reasonable price!! i am pretty much sold on the idea and will be purchasing a EZB controller at the end of this month.

The First idea/Project!

Being a Eureka fan, i have decided that i will try build a basic "Sarha" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SARAH) for my apartment using EZB. I have the following in mind:

1. Voice responses to voice commands.
2. Turn a light on /off using voice commands (using a servo to flip the switch).

Obviously the EZB is capable of allot more, but i feel that this would be a reasonable fun first project!

Look forward to chatting to everyone on the forum:)


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Nice to meet you also!

That will be a really awesome project. The EZ-B has 20 digital ports. That means you can control 20 relays to control lights and stuff. You can also hook up more than 1 EZ-B to a computer. That means you could have 40 digital i/o ... You can even hook up servos to your blinds to open and close. Wow that'll be really cool!