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Greetings From Europe!

Hi EZ-Robot community,

Just wanted to take the time to say hi from Europe and let you know that Im spreading the EZ-Robot Revolution world wide! Having more EZ-Robots in more peoples hands will bring new and exciting ideas and challenges for us to conquer together here in this forums. I hope youve all polished up your foreign language skills ;-)




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United Kingdom
Hi Jake, are you visiting the UK?

United Kingdom
All I know is "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi" but I don't think that would be very relevant here...
You know what I find weird.... I have seen posts from people all over the world... Even tiny countries like Ecuador... Most are of course from the US, Canada and the UK... One country which I thought would have a big presence here but isn't is Germany... I haven't seen one post from anyone from Germany since I have been here just over a year now. You would think the Germans being an innovative and high tech culture like the Brits, would all over EZ Robot like Oprah on a baked ham....
How about Gibraltar i must be the only person on the rock to have an Ezb i do try to spread the word though
Goodmorning everyone :-}
Well what gets me is that I live in Plymouth, Indiana USA and I seem to be the only person from this state that has ordered from EZ-Robot or that is building a robot, people are stunned and amazed when I tell them I am building a robot and then when they see the pictures they seem to be wowed by me telling them the truth and seeing a 3ft robot, well I don't mind, it just makes my robot more rare and unique around my area :-}

I'm also surprised about the lack of active Germans here.

While we're on the topic, let me brush up on my German a bit; Guten tag! Ich esse gern Kartoffeln!:D
The world is a big place with lots of people. That just means lots of sales for EZ Robot and a huge empire once they take over the world. Muhahahaha!
@bborastero - Yup, you are the only guy on the rock that has an EZ-B. But there is one other user who has a user ID though. Let your hunt to find them begin!
Well I live on a rock as well called Salt Spring Island and two ferry rides away from North America. 10,000 inhabitants.!
Give me clue there are 30,000 people on this Rock of ours and would love to chat robotics with someone
Don't you worry! The Germans love us too!

@toymaker No UK stops this trip, but if you line up some leads for me I might have to meet you for a pint ;-)

@niek deine deutsch ist sehr gut! ich vermisse kartoffelsalat :-(
South Africa
Richard R the other day I saw so one from Germany post a comment

Here's a link turn to page 51
MikeDC is the German
Greetings from Belgium, the land of Beer and Chocolats !

@Richard r & Niek: you're right about Germany ! I even contacted German television (online: cczwei.de) where there is a interesting computer show with topics on new technologies... so far not the slightest response.
I guess they are too busy with kartoffeln mit wurst. A shame and missed opportunities. I'll give it another try one of these days. Also introduced the Hanovver Messe to EZ-team, unfortunately no response:(

Hi there!
Yeah, there is a German, haha! Thing is, I am so into collecting Tomy robots that I just dont find the time to go into re-buidling one to make an EZ-robot-system fit inside an Omnibot. I rather much like to restore Tomy robots - thats why i am always posting about parts I need - who knows, I might start my Omni 2000 project mod pretty soon.