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Giant Robot Throwdown

Battle with Japan in one year! Another article. Video

The American team. The Japan team.

If they are manned robots I hope no one gets hurt.

I'd like to see a new competition like the Japanese mini fighting robots but with 3-4 foot robots instead and uses ez-robot controllers. They would be remote controlled but also have scripts for the fighting moves. Unlike BattleBots where your bot gets destroyed, this competition will be to force the other out of the ring or tip them over to gain points. I'd LOVE to see that!


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United Kingdom

Kinda like Robot sumo wresting. I like that idea, lol.:P I saw these battle bots on a tech show here in the UK. It showed the U.S. one doing a demo of its paint ball gun shooting up a car which was something I would not want to be in front of. I loved the look of both of them but the Japanese one was my favourite.

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Yeah I guess so! But style will count for points too.:) I suppose there will have to be different category matches because I don't think a biped can fare well with a octopod.


Neither is actually a walker, unfortunately :(

Megabot is on a giant Johnny-five style tread unit, and Kuratas is wheeled.

Both are awesome manned mechasuits, though Kuratas is far more sophisticated technologically.

I would love to see robot fighting evolve to something like in Robot Jox or Real Steel, with giant robots beating the scrap out of each other...

My current robot project is a 1/3 scale prototype (about 3 ft tall) for a walking robot for Battlebots. It's early days yet, but if i ever get the thing built and the rules allow it i will be using 2 ESB-4's as its controllers.

I can see this becoming a real sport. Bipedal giant combat robots would be difficult (though not impossible) but tread/wheeled bots are definitely do-able.


Very cool! Do you have a pic you can upload? Even though I'd like to root for the home team, Kuratas has us beat in style and speed. Have you seen this thing rolling down the street? I'd have to see someone's life work get busted down to scrap. The size alone puts the project in the high $$ mark. That's why I'd like to see the shorter version battles. Big enough to get some clever engineering inside but small enough to get a good deal of competitors like in Battle-Bots.


I only just got time to go Hardware Mode today. I've been designing the thing for months, so not much in the way of pics available yet. I'll be posting the project as it builds :)

Kuratas is ninety nine shades of awesome. Megabot is the Junkheap Challenge version of it. That said, never underestimate the a-team approach ;)

I'm definitely looking forward to the match up :D

It would be a very expensive sport ( a 250 lb Battlebot runs to thousands or tens of thousands, and these are exponentially bigger and beefier) but I could easily get hooked on it ;)