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Getting This Error When Opening Ezb Project

Can someone tell me why I get this message when I open my EZB project?

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Thanks in advance.


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Opening from ezcloud?


Hi DJ, thanks for the quick reply, I am opening from my project in ARC.

I at one time my project was on the ez cloud, I deleted it some time back. I did not see it when click on the icon.


Are you using the file open option in ARC or double clicking the file?


@DJ, double clicking I will try opening ezb first


Try opening the file through ARC using the File->open process.

It appears that another application may be attempting to open the file when it is double clicked. That is called file association. Another program has been associated with the file. There will be a method of selecting the file association for the version of your operating system.


Ok I opened ezb first then clicked open and selected my ezb file and I get the same result. I will look at the file Association. I can upload my project if you like?

Thanks DJ


If the same error occurs when opening from within ARC, it is not file association. Best to post your project.



Yeah upload your file to here please


OK, I believe I found the issue, however I can not says why.
@Alan, I will shoot you an email why.

Thanks DJ and Alan.


So who do I give credit to? Maybe I should have put this as general subject?

Alan I just sent you an email.


@DJ, check you email.



Thanks DJ, I feel real stupidconfused, but I got the error to not show any more.


Great to hear! You're all set


Will fix that with the next release of EZ-AI. The issue is that EZ-AI plugin is in the project, but the server isn't plugged in to power or the network cable. A request was sent to EZ-AI probably, and the server couldn't be found to process the request. We need to take the message box out and put a more descriptive message in the log. We might even put an image on the control to light up red or something when the server is not seen.

Thanks for finding this Mike!