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Getting Started With EZ-B

I received a few emails asking if there is an update to the Getting Started document that is shipped in the EZ-B package. The latest document can be found on two places on this website...

By clicking here -or- On The Buy Now Page

The Buy Now page also displays the last updated date and tiime beside the link. You will be able to see updates easily by visiting that page.

The document will continue to contain basic configuration instructions. Consult the DIY Projects or this forum for the robot building and electronic sensor/peripheral information.


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@robothacker this topic is somewhat out of date and the links provided now lead to the holding page for the V4 EZ-B.

If you require assistance on configuration you are better off asking on the forums and someone will provide you with clear and precise answers.


@robothacker - there will be new, updated information included in the packaging of every Revolution product. There will be lots of information and tutorials available at the time of release:)