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Getting Schooled With Ez-Robot

Much of my involvement in education is with young entrepeneurs who want to know what it is like to start a company. Being that I didn't expect EZ-Robot to become a company, yet alone employ staff and have such a huge effect on peoples lives. A while ago we attended a school to introduce EZ-Robot Revolution to the classroom. The response from the students was such a positive response that I left envious of their youth - what I would give to be a child with today's technology!

Wait a second... I'm the biggest kid I know:)

Attending classrooms and experiencing the mountains of creative ideas from students - knowing the effect my hard work has on education by preparing students for a future of robotics... Now you know why our company logo is a smile:)

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Awesome DJ ! Good on you! Gotta luv working with youth ! I too enjoyed many years educating and mentoring when I was younger.