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So after much fidling i have managed to blow up my sparkfun H bridge, oh well i hated the damn thing anyways so i have butchered an earlier bot i built and used the sabertooth H bridge controller i have, great.....nope for some reason the sabertooth doesnt understand the way that the modified servo panel works, but no issue i just made scripts to get the pins to run as ordinary servos which works great, i also used the movement script panel to setup which script to call for forward motion etc etc, but my question is how do i now call to that movement script from another script ? ie if i make a say autonomous script how do i get that script to call for forward say from the movement script ... hope that makes sense to you guys it does in my head but thats just me lol...



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There are examples under File -> Examples

You will be using ControlCommand()

Have you tried using the sabertooth with a regular servo control when it is in R/C mode? There might be a bug in sabertooth's R/C mode and it doesn't recognize pulse widths over or under a specific value. All servos are different for pulse width. That is why the EZ-B has a wide range. You can look at the tutorial page to see screenshots of my calibration
United Kingdom
well i have it working by writing a script for forward motion for example, i figured out that the sabertooth does work fine if using standard servo inputs ie in script i have just put Servo(D1, 50) Servo(D2, 50) and he moves forward, setting bothports to 35 stops the motors and setting to 20 goes backwards, its good because i can control the speed, same for left and right turn etc etc, the only annoying thing is i have to press the start button on each script to manually control him instead of just using a movement panel. How do you calibrate the modified servo panel ??? have you a link for that tutorial plzzz, at least its working though.