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Galapagos Bot

The strafe buttons do not work on the Galapagos bot ez builder app for the iPhone.
Also is there a way to add a battery level indicator into the control panel, to be able to see a visual battery level?


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Is there a way to control an ez robot through my internet wifi network in my home from a remote location. i would like to access the camera on the bot in my home from a remote location and be able to have the bot walk under my control from another location accessing it through the internet
There are basically two ways to do remote control.

You can forward ports 23 and 24 in your router to the IP address of your EZ-B, then in ARC, use your public IP address (or using a dynamic dns service, your host name), or have a PC turned on at home, and use remote control/screen share sortware like TeamViewer (I use Splashtop because it does video better than other apps).

Something to keep in mind though is your robot power. It is VERY important when using LiON batteries that you turn the robot off when the battery gets low. If the battery is allowed to completely drain it won't take a charge again, and could be a fire hazard.

Hey thanks a great deal. I will look into all this. Much appreciated