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Gaius (General Artificial Intelligence Using Software) Introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is Sevak Avakians. I am a physicist and the developer of the GAIuS framework. I created GAIuS after realizing that no one was making the AI that is needed to make robots do the things that we've been promised. Along the way, people have realized that GAIuS can be used in many other things that require intelligent machines. :-)

Thank you, DJ, for building such a cool product. I'm very much looking forward to building things with it and interfacing it with GAIuS. The plan is to train the robot as you would a dog (operant conditioning).

If you'd like to learn more about GAIuS or download it, you can find it at: The AGPL open-source version 1.0 codenamed Nibiru was just released publicly yesterday (12/21/21012) after a few years of research and enhancements.

I'm looking forward to working with the EZ-Robot community to create the future!

Kindest regards, Sevak Avakians

P.S. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:


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Welcome Sevak Avakians , welcome abot(board)! Your arrival here on the EZ Forum is perfect timing. There has been a lot of discussion on AI and there has been some great suggestions regarding very basic algorithims. I believe your website will be visited! I will be hoping your software can be implemented!:) In assistance.....


Awesome! Thanks, irobot58!

I love the way DJ has put together this community and I hope that this community and the GAIuS community can work closely together to make intelligent robots a reality. Feel free to ping me at either one (or anywhere else that you find me!) for any help or advice on applying GAIuS to EZ-Robots' brilliant platform.


What would be the OS, Windows or Linux or MAC? or something MORE COMPLICATED?

Oh, BTW, See my POST further down on:




Hi @MovieMaker,

The GAIuS VM operates on a Ubuntu virtual machine. It is designed so that the intelligence layer (i.e. the GAIuS agent) is independent of the application layer (i.e. your project's software). Communication is accomplished between the two layers via XML-RPC.


Will GAIuS run on just regular Ubuntu? Does it have to be a VM because I don't have one installed?


During out pre-release study, we discovered that the installation was too difficult and complicated. Our testers included PhDs from around the world including scientists and researchers from the robotics division of a US applied research and development lab. So, we installed and configured everything into a VM.

You can install the free VMPlayer easily.


Ok, so I run it under windows with a VM player. Or do I install ubuntu in the virtual machine? I haven't done this kind of stuff yet.

United Kingdom

Why is all this stuff always so difficult to use. I sure its cool but wont be trying it until I can download an file and run it under windows. An example of why EZ-B is so popular


@winstn60... Indeed! keep it [b]EZ[b/]


I have to agree with winstn60. I looked around there web site and couldn't make heads or tails of it. I couldn't even find a file or instructions to download. I'm impressed that they had world spanning input from high minded intellectuals but sadly it shows. My impression is that you need to be a rocket scientist to use this stuff. If they want to attract people interested in EZ Robot then they need to make it usable for us "real" people.

OK, let it be a completed program but make it easy to understand, install and use. They don't have to talk down to people like me that are just starting to understand robotics, code and such. However step by step, easy guidance is a great way to build new tech stuff like this. Look at Apple's I stuff. All their things are incredibly complex and beyond my understanding but all I need to do is swipe or tap. Gaius doesn't need to dumb it down that much but at least throw us new comers a bone. EZ Robot has that market cornered. Just enough guidance built in for us want-a-bes, a community forum where the more knowing and experienced can pull us along and help and then everyone can swap ideas. On top of all this EZ Robots makes it easy for the robot and programmer experts to fly above us all and take robotics to where no robot has gone before! (sorry, got a little carried away there). blush

Any, that's just my opinion. Dave Schulpius


@winstn60, iRobot58, Dave, et al.

If I were to complain that rocket science is too difficult to learn, yet I wanted to put my model Estes rocket into orbit, then my expectations would be at fault - not rocket science. If artificial intelligence was easy, we would already have our Rosy the Robot.

Before GAIuS, our AI options were to write our own expert systems from scratch, settle on a collection of disparate AI libraries, or use a cognitive architecture like SOAR or ACT-R. Each of those options required us to learn a tremendous amount of difficult math/algorithms/techniques/tricks. After all that, our software would still face the same limitations that have stunted AI for decades. I've studied those libraries, algorithms, and architectures and thought that it could all be simplified into a coherent framework that doesn't cheat with regard to hardcoding task specific solutions. But, borrowing a quote from Einstein, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

With that said, this is only version 1.0. The goal for this release has been to get the science right and to make it understandable for professionals. A future goal is to get to where we can have high school kids figure out how to create an AI using GAIuS, but it will take time to get there. More important than making it easy for anyone to use, is making it work properly. (Ultimately, we plan on getting GAIuS to a point where you can just point it to your data source and it will configure itself.)

Look, it may not yet be right for you. If you go through the documentation and don't get it, then wait for a future version. Maybe the next version will be more suitable for you. DJ has already created a great product that is perfect for you, today! He has abstracted out many of the difficulties in robotics to allow you to create something extraordinary very quickly. My goals with GIAuS + EZ-Robots is to get it to the next level where the robot can be trained like you would a dog. You are welcome to join me in this project, or encourage us along.

Kindest regards, Sevak



Don't get me wrong, I wish your project well and admire your efforts. I've been longing for the day AI would be a reality ever sense I saw HAL go nuts in 2001 and try to kill Dave.

With that said; Maybe you misunderstand me. I am not complaining that you presented your concept to a forum of people that are not smart enough to understand or learn up to your level. What I am saying is when asking for help perhaps you should try to present your project in a more comperhencive way and make it easier to review. You contacted a forum who's target group are people that want to easily learn and make robots

I wish I had the time or knowledge to join you on your journey. Unfortunately work 50+ hours a week to keep a roof over my family's head. I encourage you to continue to make this concept work and get it to the next level.

Kindest regards, Dave Schulpius (above was edited after thinking it throuhg)


Hi, I have downloaded VMPlayer. When I tried to run GAIuS, it told me that it could not handle 64bit. But, I have a 64bit machine. I must be doing something wrong. I don't know the procedure. I was not complaining. I am ALWAYS willing to try something new to push Singularity Forward. By looking at the website, I can tell you have went through an ENORMOUS amount of work. I applaud you in your efforts. It would be GREAT for my robot to be as smart as my dog. Now, let us Fly like a Beagle!

I want to learn more!




Sorry, I hope my little rant does not effect interest in this or trying it out. It does sound like a great thing to follow and help to grow. I am gald someone is doing this.


Thanks, guys!

Dave, I had only introduced myself to the forum. I have yet to ask for help. :-) I will definitely need some help for the robotics side of things!

MovieMaker, rather than hijack for GAIuS related material, let's take this over to's forum. Thanks!


Good luck. I hope I hear good news soon. I'll be looking for that next version. :P


Hi Sevak,

Very fascinating and powerful project. I would prefer your Guias project be discussed here. Here you'll likely to attract someone who can, in a weekend, port it to Windows with an easy interface.

Thanks, Bill


Hey, Sevak,

I am still very interested in your project. Where is there more information.

What are the minimum requirements for running this software?



Hey Sevak,

I am also quite interested in using the GAluS framework. Although I am not sure how to use the framework, or exactly what the AI can do in conjunction with the ARC or EZ-SDK. Maybe you could make a youtube tutorial to show off how GALuS works and how to connect to EZ-B? If you don't have time thats cool too, thanks though!


I am very interested also in this. I will follow this thread closely. Thanks.


has anyone test drove the A.I framework. Sadly it is no longer available for download.


Hi all,

Thanks for the interest in GAIuS + robotics. @PJ_Dtechy, yes, the download has been removed since we've moved GAIuS to a SaaS model which requires zero installation. (Intelligence in the cloud!)

Since my day job is applying GAIuS for other verticals, sadly I'm not able to spend too much time applying it to hobby robotics. Hopefully as other things settle down, I'll be able to re-focus on this fun area.

Kindest regards, Sevak Avakians


Look forward to hearing from you.