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Well I am 98% done with Buster's left arm and my 5V voltage regulator on my EZ-B gave up. I had a fan on it but I guess I just hooked up way to much. I have two boards in my bot so once this one is fixed I will spread out the draw more equally.


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Did you install a larger heatsink with arctic silver thermo compound? I recomend a bigger heating and blower fan instead of standard they move a lot of air In tight spaces. Lastly get a fan controller meant for a pc. Aero cool has great ones that monitor and control 5 heat zones , take a individual heat prob and mount it to each regulator. If you have 2 boards then that's 4 temp sensors. If you opt for s model that does 5 heat zones install that temp prob to your h bridge for your tracks . These controllers you can run straight to battery to bypass ezb and they monitor and sense temp , they increase blower rpm to lower temprature and you can set a alarm for if a chip has overheated so you can shut down buster before he burns another voltage regs or other component. HERE IS A AEROCOOL 5 CHANNEL FAN CONTROL , 40 ON EBAY User-inserted image OR THERE'S OFFBRAND BUT ALSO EBAY User-inserted image



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this is the 5v blower is recomend plus a bigger heatsink like gpu cooler


Thanks guys! Turned out to be a shorted out servo and just overheated the voltage regulatro. I replaced the bad servo and the regulator survived.